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WTB- AR 5 midrange drivers


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I've acquired a nice pair of AR5 enclosures; I've managed to find the appropriate woofers and there are viable options for the tweeters. I am now searching for a pair of AR5 midranges.

If you have a pair or know of a source please let me know.

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I followed up on your suggestion. It was an option I disregarded previously as I had not seen any midrange drivers in any of his listings.

I had however seen other items of interest that I had planned to acquire. But, when I went to eBay last night I had trouble finding  vintage-ar; his listings were down to three and his online store was the same. No replacement tweeters, no grilles, screws, etc . . .

I did send off an email, via eBay, inquiring as to the AR5 midranges, but more importantly to me,  if he was going to remain a source for AR speaker replacement parts. I have not received a reply yet.

I had typed the previous text earlier but some how had failed to send it. He had since replied-

"We have hundreds of parts and not all are listed in my store. We keep some in reserve for in house repairs.
However, we periodically restock the store and have a large inventory of parts on hand.
Feel free to send me a list of what you need. I'll need to check on the AR-5 Midrange."

So as I have less experience than others here with vintage-ar, I feel more comfortable knowing there's still a good source for quality restoration products.

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