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FS: Levinson JC-2 Circuitry Copy From China $120 CT

Pete B

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I bought one of these JC2 clone (#1) preamps, circuit clone not chassis, on ebay and imagined
it as being much larger with room for mods. It is small so I'm sellling it. I paid $170 ish shipped,
will sell for $120 shipped CONUS only.  It has about 40 hours on it and works fine. The chassis is very
solid and it is heavy with a good sized transformer. There are no OP amps in this unit and the
power supply is regulated. It sounds great just not enough room for mods.
3 inputs, one output, selector, volume, on-off - simple signal path.

I was talking to a friend about this preamp and he bought one also, used it for a few weeks then

found that the lack of record out was a limitation he could not live with, so his is for sale also.  His

has a minor ding so will sell it for $100 shipped CONUS only.  He loves the sound of it but has too

many preamps as he collects them.

Stock pictures:




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