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Opinions on Fisher vs Scott preamps for A25s?

Lucky Pierre

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I posted this in the other forum, but have no replies.

I had a bit of good fortune this week. To celebrate I am going to buy a new old preamp for my pair of Dynaco Mk IIIs. I am currently using a factory-wired PAT4. Speakers are Dynaco A-25.

I am considering a Fisher 400c or a Scott 130, or any other tube pre of this vintage and price range. I'd like a Marantz 7, but they are way out of my price range.

One caveat: I am only interested in unmodified equipment.

Will you share your opinions of these two preamps? Are there any other tube stereo preamp, late 50s - mid 60s that I should consider? Is an Eico HF85 a viable competitor? I have a Sherwood S-5000 integrated and S-3000 tuner.. Did Sherwood make a separate preamp of this vintage?


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I was mildly disappointed by my carefully restored 400C when used with my Stereo-70. I am not disappointed with any of my three PAS3 preamps however.  I use A40XL or A50s in that system so it's vaguely similar to yours. 

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