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My opinions are based strictly on observation of sound and deduction from owning both colors of tweeters. Also, deducing a logical progression of events at Advent.

The cone color doesn't make any difference per se. The green cones were originally used on the Smaller Advent for easy identification to be sure a given tweeter was not put into the wrong speaker system. I assume both the original Advents and Smaller Advents were made in the same factory and, even if not, the tweeters were most likely all made in the same place so keeping them separate was important.

Since the original Advent orange tweeters have 3" square magnets and the early (pre 1975) Smaller Advent tweeters have 2.5" square magnets, coloring the cones green for the Smaller Advents conveniently made identification easy.

In 1975, when Advent made a change to the Smaller Advents, using the same large magnet tweeter of the large Advent and compensating the efficiency with a crossover change, there were obviously green cones left over and Advent used them up. Hence, tweeters from both the large Advents and Smaller Advents, from this brief time period can have green or orange cones. They are, except for the cone color, electrically and physically the same.

When Advent ran out of green cones after this short period of time in the latter part of 1975, the cones were then all orange in both the large Advents and Smaller Advents. There will never be an orange-cone tweeter with a 2.5" square magnet.

The determining factor is thus, the size of the magnet, not the cone color. I have always found they sound the same as long as the magnet size is the same, tweeters with smaller magnets having a slightly lower output for a given input.

I hope this is all at least semi clear.






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