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KLH 20 Turntable and Speakers Help


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I recently purchased a pair of KLH 20 speakers with two matching turntables. Unfortunately, everything needs a little bit of work.

So neither of the tweeters are working on the speakers, however they work when tested externally from the crossover. So, I'm pretty sure it just need to be recapped. I'm looking for somewhere local to buy the caps now instead of paying $8 for shipping.

Turntable 1 has cleaned up nicely, however it is missing a cartridge. I've read the KLH 20 uses a modified Pickering V-15 AT cartridge. I see a V-15 AT2 for sale right now, however I know it is not the modified version. Does anyone know if it is possible to rig it up to fit in the head of the tonearm? I assume I'm never going to find an original for sale, so I would like to get this to work if possible. Also, the left channel is not working. I'm hoping and praying that cleaning the pots will fix this, however I have a bad feeling it's blown...

Turntable 2 is also missing the cartri dge, one of the red bulbs is bad and the table doesn't spin. Is it possible to buy new bulbs? And as far as I can tell these aren't belt driven, so what could be causing the turntable to not spin? Both channels work on this one.

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you



(TT1 on the left, TT2 on the right.. don't mind the dirt, I haven't gotten around to cleaning it yet. I got all of these in the back of an old dirty garage so not the cleanest stuff!)


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How comfortable are you with electronic repair? Your KLH 20 stereo system's missing audio channel may not be due to a bad amplifier since it's output stage is capacitor coupled. Yes, the signal loss may well be due to a corroded contact in one of the very old top panel switches. It may even be due to a bad output cap. See this link for it's location:

      My guess is that these turntables use an idler wheel to transmit rotation from the motor spindle to the platter. You will know more when you remove the platter itself. Cleaning and/or replacing the idler wheel and the surfaces where it contacts may be all that is necessary. When these stereos are stored on a garage or similar moist location for long periods, the resulting corrosion can stiffen or seize the motor shaft, and freeing them is best done slowly and carefully using various weights and types of oils.
  These are just simple guesses as diagnosing at this distance is extremely difficult.
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Hi James

The Twenty was a nice compact system and the speakers are 4 ohm versions of the well-regarded Seventeens so they're very nice. The capacitors in the speakers are guaranteed to be shot. Those old black and red Callins, Temple and similar PVC caps leak and drift (I even saw one that had exploded!).

Also look for any bad caps on the amp board. When I work on one of these I usually just do a shotgun approach and replace all the electrolytics (pic below is a Model Twenty-Four)..

Unfortunately the Garrard turntables on these old sets were not great and they are a dog to repair, IF they can be repaired. You can try Jessi's suggestions and maybe some rubber renew treatment on the idler.

I don't recall how the pickering cart was modified but I "thought" you could just use any similar cart. Is the mount unique to the KLH?

Good luck with these and keep us posted.

11 07 27_6927 copy_edited-1.jpg

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