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Dynacos stuffing replacement!


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Not an expert by remotest imagination, but everything I read about their "aperiodic" stuff is that everything was done with incremental measurements to make it "right", so if I were you, I'd carefully remove and reinstall the exact way they had it.

JMHO, but that's what I intend to do when I get the time to open up my A25s.

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Hi there


Here is my 2 cents worth of advice for this evening.

With the classic Dynaco A-25's etc unless the cap is defective, such as is open, leave it alone.

Some folks replace the caps with new ones and are happy.

With the resistors unless you see one or more cracked or burnt up, which I've never seen, leave alone as well.

Some folks replace the resistors and are happy.

The cabinets fiberglass insulation was particularly fine material and without question should be left intact.

There is much synthetic material which might do as good a job but without test equipment you will likely

end up with less than you started with.

The vent opening was covered with a particular piece of fiberglass which was determined by lab equipment.

The switches were of good quality and very reliable.

Wire was adequate for the job.

Overall the Dynaco A-25 and family are well designed at a dollar compromise.

No foam rot is a big plus issue.

When a replacement driver is needed there was so many sold that there is a flood of used OEM drivers available.


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