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Found 6 results

  1. Well i blew a tweeter a couple days back. So I'm gonna need to.find some suitable replacements. I'm hoping that one f ya'll can give me some other models that have a tweeter that will be a match to the vr40. Obviously I can't get any orignal VR40 pieces, unless someone here has a couple they would part with. Thank for reading my post.
  2. These speakers were given to me by a friend of mine at church who had them in the back of his truck destined for Goodwill. The cabinets were fairly rough and the grille fabric had been replaced but everything else was original. I had never restored a set of speakers before but thanks to the encouragement of Roy, Glenn, Kent and others on this site, I have spent the last 6 weeks restoring them and am very happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of the details: Year: 1963-4 Make: Acoustic Research Model: AR-3 Serial #s: C21604 & C21611 Restoration summary: - Origi
  3. This is the first topic I create as a new member of this great community. I've been an audio fan since I was 15 years old, and have been experimenting different systems until now. (I'm 41) I love classical and jazz music, specially in Vinyl or analog formats. So you can figure that there is no coincidence for me to be here writing about AR3 Loudspeakers. I came across this particular model because it delivers what I look in a recorded musical performance. My search stopped some 12 years ago when I bought a pair of rare Hegeman model 1 loudspeakers, that really filled me th
  4. Hi, i have been offered 4 free speakers, see pictures. I cannot identify them, so that would be the first question. I can keep a pair for free if i refoam all off them. Should i do this?
  5. Hey all, I'm a newcomer to the forums. I just inherited my parents' pair of KLH Model Thirty-Threes. I'd like to put them back in working order and found this forum while searching the web. The ultimate goal is to have a nice sounding little system set up so I can play my childhood LPs for my new baby daughter. Looking back on my childhood, listening to Peter and the Wolf and Bill Cosby's Why is There Air? just wouldn't have been the same if my folks had played them on an iPod docking station. I want my daughter to know there is a rich and deep world that predates the zeros and ones of the
  6. Who could do a restoration work on some cornets of AR's cabinets? congratulations on this wonderful page and the incredible work done in the restoration document.
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