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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Friends, I've been doing a lot of research about a pair of speakers I got from mom, a pair of Rectilinear Research XIb. While doing so I stumbled upon Mr. Kent Xla restoration project on this forum's section and I thought it would be useful to ask about my speakers as well. While inspecting my set, after removing the front grille I realized that the tweeters were replaced with a pair of Philips AD 0160 T8 Mylar dome super tweeters. I was shocked to say the least. My purpose here is to find a proper replacement for these speakers and restore them to the original factory settings. I still have the original documents of the speakers, Warranty cards from Rectilinear and product guide, but I couldn't find the exact part number and manufacturer of the tweeters. However, I was able to recover information about the technical specs of the drivers as follows: Original replacement part name: T-II (used only on XIa and XIb) 3.5" paper cone tweeter 8 Ohm impedance ferrite driver Large 0,5625 inches voice coil Approx. weight 0.5 Kg Range from 2000 Hz to 20,000 Hz Crossover Filter Frequency: 2000 Hz Total flux density: 11,000 gauss or better What I cannot be sure about is if it's supposed do be made by Peerless, and if its power absorption should be 40W or 50W. Would you mind me to ask you, from your experience, what could be the best replacement for the tweeters or point me towards a good place to look for it? I think I found something that matches the right characteristics, but I can't be sure about that or how do they sound compared to the originals, that would be the Goldwood GT-25, 3.5" paper cone tweeter ( https://www.goldwood.com/goldwood-sound-gt-25-black-3-5-kapton-tweeter-80-watt-8ohm-replacement-tweeter/ ). Of course my first pick would be to find the original tweeters, leaving the Goldwood options only as last resource. Another technical question: The XIb is supposed to be a bass reflex design, as you can see there is still the original wool material inside the bass conduct, but I am not sure that is the right placement, should it be pushed far back in the cabinet to allow a better air flow? Really hope you could help with this project, all the bests! Cheers, Jacob
  2. Hello to all, So far I've have been happy just reading all the knowledgeable things people here have to say but now I have a question of my own I would like answered (which may or may not already be answered elsewhere here - in which case hopefully someone will be kind enough to direct me accordingly). I have a pair of Mission 720s which I have owned from day 1 (I purchased them in 1980). I have used them more or less continuously all these years. The mid range surrounds (the mid range as I understand it are Peerless K040-MRF) are separating / coming apart in a couple of places on the outer edge (pic below with lines on either sides of the split surrounds). I have more pics I can post if anyone wants to see more of what I'm talking about. This is affecting the sound quality. I am considering replacing the existing surrounds which are fabic (silk???) with foam surrounds BUT after reading many of the comments on this site it occurs to me that there may be some way to repair the damage (Permatex on the split, maybe) and keep the original surrounds which 'appear' to be in otherwise reasonable condition. Your thoughts and suggestions would be very welcome. Many thanks to you for taking the time to read this post and possibly answer my question.
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