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Found 4 results

  1. Hello to all, So far I've have been happy just reading all the knowledgeable things people here have to say but now I have a question of my own I would like answered (which may or may not already be answered elsewhere here - in which case hopefully someone will be kind enough to direct me accordingly). I have a pair of Mission 720s which I have owned from day 1 (I purchased them in 1980). I have used them more or less continuously all these years. The mid range surrounds (the mid range as I understand it are Peerless K040-MRF) are separating / coming apart in a couple of pl
  2. Looks like one of my mids are bad and I am torn what to do. I have purchased caps to install and cleaned the pots. Upon testing the mids by an accomplished electronics guy (not me) he says sorry, I think your mid is shot. I trust his work. Do I look for a replacement mid (good luck)? Do I try to find someone to see if it can be repaired? Do I look for a replacement AR3 single speaker in the 60000 serial range? Do I give up and sell one working AR3 with one not working and wish years later I had a set of ar3's? This is a bummer!
  3. The title gives the goal of this project. Here are three midranges: A: B: C: A is my uninjured midrange, B is the patient, a working midrange that came to me naked, as you see. C is a non-functional midrange that tests open, and is the donor. The hope is to make B look and sound like A. The hard part here is getting the parts wanted off of C. They are glued down tight. Further, on the donor unit, the grill is inset from the outer flange. This is different from my OEM units, on which the whole face is flush, and is making things harder. I'm willing to be destructive with the donor unit
  4. I have a beautiful pair of AR 2a that look like they just came out of their original boxes. They are all original, as far as I know. There are 2 problems with each speaker which I'd like to fix so that the speakers become (nearly) perfect: 1) Tweeter output is very soft, which I assume is due to dirty pots, and 2) There are a few tiny, 1/4" tears in the delicate midrange cones which I'd like to repair even though the tears are not audible. Inside, I expected to see the common, black & white Aetna-Pollak pots, but these are very different: they're much larger in diameter, they appear to
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