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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, this question is directed to Steve F but anyone with knowledge on the subject is certainly welcome to give input. I have a pair of VR30's that both have blown tweeters.. after carefully disassembling the tweeters I have found that both of the tweeters had the lead separate from the end of the voice coil in the same place (at the solder joint) but I have been unable to solder the two together without leaving a glob of solder larger than the voice coil gap. Perhaps someday I'll be able to get them repaired or find a pair for a reasonable price used, for the time being I have an extra pair of tweeters from a pair of CR9's that I purchased from Ebay that I obtained for a reasonable price (Lynnfield tweeters come up very rarely). My question is what the consequences will be if I install the CR9 Kortec tweeter in the VR30 cabinet, particularly if the crossover is set lower in frequency on the VR30 for the Kortec tweeter to handle (or smoothly respond at), if the Kortec sensitivity is different than that of the Lynnfield tweeter and finally if there would be any advantage of swapping the front plates with the AMD ducts on to the Kortec tweeters (they have the same front plate dimensions). I assume the AMD ducts are tuned specifically for the aluminum Lynnfield tweeter, but thought it was worth asking just in case. On another subject, I have a pair of CR8's that I have modified by adding mass loaded epoxy to the corrugated plastic rear panels, added a tensioned brace between the side panels in the lower 2/3rd behind the woofer, lined the walls with high density acoustic eggcrate foam, replaced the 1uf electrolytic cap with a precision steel sealed paper in oil Tektronix caps and bypassed the other electrolytic caps with Sprague film/foil caps and they sound absolutely FANTASTIC. If anyone is interested I'll be happy to post pictures of the modifications. Thanks for your time! Aaron
  2. It seems that Boston refers to anything soft-dome as "kortec", it signifying the construction method (I believe; a mix of hard and textile materials to dampen distortion) and no particular response character. The Kortecs in my (current) A-series are not even close to those in my Horizon Series and the added extension I was hoping for sometimes translates to harshness with less than perfect recordings. So I'm looking into the prospect of replacing the tweeters for something a bit sweeter sounding and possibly with more clarity and extension. The thought of VR tweeters would have been neat, but the A-series having such complex crossovers I just couldn't put anything into it plug-and-play, so I would need to know their characterstics. And obviously I want them still to sound very Boston. The kortec tweeters present measure 5.7 ohm Re whereas the HS kortecs are 5.9 ohm. Now Fleabay is filled with used tweeters and there are AMD based car tweeters that just might work for me. But before I go ahead with anything and put dear money on tweeters that may not be to my liking or disagrees with the crossover any input on the matter is appreciated. Cheers, Jonas
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