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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! I am new on this forum and recently bought a very nice pair of AR-3A improved. I have limited experience and knowledge of speaker troubleshooting and would appreciate your help. There is something wrong with one of the speakers as it sounds distorted already at a low volume and terribly distorted at higher volumes. I have attached a short video clip of the terrible distortion. Midrange and tweeter are disconnected in the video clip. The crackling, distorted sound comes from the woofer as it remains when I connect the speaker in the subwoofer configuration (removing the tweeter jumper on the backside). According to the seller, the speakers worked perfectly fine before they were shipped to me, but that is of course difficult to prove. Where should I start the troubleshooting? What are the most likely causes to the distorted woofer sound? To exclude a problem with the amp, I already reversed channels of the amp, and the distorted sound remains in the same speaker. The amp is a NAD C320 BEE known to be very stable also at low impedances. Greetings from Sweden! /Anders 20200725_160032.mp4
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