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Found 21 results

  1. I have all the drivers and components needed to finish a pair of AR3 speakers if anyone has a pair of empty cabinets or speakers for parts thanks
  2. Hi all! Im new here. Anyone pls help me find a pair of AR3 emblems or badges including the # 3 pin. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am taking offers on my AR3’s. Best offer gets them! You pay shipping. Serious buyers only
  4. I acquired a pair of AR3's from an Estate Sale in Dallas..... They were mounted between studs in a living room and sheetrock was placed around them. There is a little paint and dust on them but cabinets other wise are pristine. The homeowner added a bracket to back to mount to a wall.... See Pics... I brought them home, hooked em up and been listening to Jimmy Buffet all day. I have NO interest in keeping them.... They sound good, but I believe they are going to need some work.. clear sound coming out of both cabinets on bass. tweeter on one is clear, other not so much... Pots move freely, but does not appear to alter sound noticeably. Serial Numbers are 07733 and 28513. I believe they are 100% original. The grills and AR 3 logos still intact. I hesitate to open, touch, them at all... I have a tendency to be a bull in a china shop. Not sure if I should lightly sand the surface paint off, or leave to next guy. Don't necessarily want to use CRAIGSLIST. Not sure how to promote them as "used, but probably need work". Also not sure what I should ask for them.... Any suggestions would be GREAT. Thanks, JR
  5. One pair of vintage Acoustic Research AR-3 speakers. All drivers are original and function perfectly. Capacitors and potentiometers have been replaced and original plastic grill and fabric have been replaced with period-correct saran material from Canada and reproduction brass emblems and "3" pins. Cabinets are original but were heavily scratched and gouged so have been sanded down, oiled and urethaned. The result is slightly darker and glossier than original. The finish is not perfect but is a far cry better than when they were rescued from the back of a pickup truck headed for Goodwill! The sound though is stunning. Jazz, blues, instruments and vocals have a presence and reality that makes it seem as if they are in the room with you. Anyone seriously considering these is welcome to come audition them. Cash only, pick-up only in Oxford. Price is firm, I am in no hurry to sell. Feel free to call or text Steve at 812-215-9751 with questions. For some reason I could not get pictures to upload so here is a link to my ad on Craigslist-Cincinnati that has some photos: https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/ele/d/oxford-acoustic-research-ar-3-speakers/6916322763.html AR3 AR 3 AR-3a AR3a AR 3a
  6. These speakers were given to me by a friend of mine at church who had them in the back of his truck destined for Goodwill. The cabinets were fairly rough and the grille fabric had been replaced but everything else was original. I had never restored a set of speakers before but thanks to the encouragement of Roy, Glenn, Kent and others on this site, I have spent the last 6 weeks restoring them and am very happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of the details: Year: 1963-4 Make: Acoustic Research Model: AR-3 Serial #s: C21604 & C21611 Restoration summary: - Original dual 24uF and 6uF paper capacitor replaced with new Solen 24uF 400V and Dayton Audio 6.2uF 250V Precision Audio Capacitors from Parts Express - Original 16 Ohm / 25 Watt wire-wound potentiometers were corroded beyond repair and were replaced with modern reproduction wire-wound potentiometers of the same size and specifications from captainfantastic07 on eBay. - Cabinets sanded and hand-rubbed with Watco Danish Oil (Dark Walnut) and finished with four coats of Minwax satin polyurethane. - Woofer perimeter and bolt holes resealed with speaker sealing caulk from Parts Express - Original plastic speaker grill frames replaced with more durable 1/4" Masonite for easier installation and removal. - Masonite speaker grille frames spray painted flat black before wrapping with fabric to prevent frame being seen through fabric. - Reproduction speaker grille saran material from Q-Components in Canada. - 3M automotive trim adhesive tape followed by ¼” heavy duty staples to prevent slipping of material or fraying of fabric edges - Reproduction “AR Inc” and "3" pin from jKent Attached are a few pictures so you can see before and after and some of the steps along the way. I plan on enjoying them for a while and then will probably try selling them locally before putting on eBay to avoid the hassle and potential damage associated with shipping. Thank you to Roy, Glenn and Kent for all of your input and for the wealth of information everyone else has contributed to this site! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! Thanks, Steve
  7. This is the first topic I create as a new member of this great community. I've been an audio fan since I was 15 years old, and have been experimenting different systems until now. (I'm 41) I love classical and jazz music, specially in Vinyl or analog formats. So you can figure that there is no coincidence for me to be here writing about AR3 Loudspeakers. I came across this particular model because it delivers what I look in a recorded musical performance. My search stopped some 12 years ago when I bought a pair of rare Hegeman model 1 loudspeakers, that really filled me thanks to their special ability to create a realistic concert hall effect, with great presence and very deep bass response. But it was'n until I got a pair of Advent 5012 that I realize that there is a new world below 40 hz!! These simple speakers got my attention. I read a lot about east coast loudspeakers but untill then, never had the chance to test a pair in my own system. So my obvious step was to think what loudspeaker would give that ammount of bass and presence with more accuracy in the mid and high region. That's when I started to think about giving AR3's a chance. I took some time for me to decide, because I had a pair of AR10pi in the past, but the woofers were incorrectly repaired, with very stiff spiders and surrounds. So I bought a pair of OEM AR woofers from simply speakers. But for my surprise, those resulted to be as hard as the repaired ones I had. So I never discovered the real low end of this model and ended selling them. Few months ago, I found a pair of AR3 in hands of a louddpeaker tech, wo had them sitting for 20 years literally collecting dust without the grilles in a very dirty environment, so the drivers suffered, the tweeters rubber suspension dots failed, and domes were pushed out breaking the fragile voice coils. Midranges are not working, they collected excess of dust that came in the voice coil gap. Woofers are physically ok, but only one works. cabinets are a little raw but still un good shape. So my questions are: I want to restore them and make them work the best as possible soon. Where I live, original parts are very hard to find. I think I could start restoring the woofers and get oem mids and tweeters that are available until I can find mint condition original drivers on Ebay. Mids and tweeters are very hard to repair to get them to their original shape, so would you recommend to use the oem AR mids that Simply Speakers offer? Are those suitable for AR3? (they sell them as AR3a's replacement.) For The tweeters I'm thinking about getting a pair of Hivi's. I will aporeciate your comments and reccomendations. Best, Howard
  8. Thought you might find this interesting. This capacitor, removed from a very early 60's AR3 (Serial numbers in the 9xxx range). One can see how far a cap can "drift" in 58 years. The 24 uf cap is now over 60 and the 6 uf cap is around 10 uf. Now, i know my cap tester is hardly a tol model, but it's in the neighborhood.
  9. Picked up AR3 pair today. All looks good but one tweeter has "popped" its suspension. I'm either going to get it repaired or find a replacement. Looking for a genuine original so I can keep it a true AR3. If anyone has one they'd like to sell for a reasonable price, get back to me. Thanks.
  10. I'm gasping for air on this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Acoustic-Research-AR3-AR-3-speakers-one-owner-SN-C1440-1425-/322576662250?hash=item4b1b113eea%3Ag%3AczsAAOSwPWRZWbGI&nma=true&si=%2BZL9iSi%2BBZpmQTuxI0yfYtDpCEo%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I guess it is the collectability that drives the prices on the 3; and perhaps the "low" serial number of these particular units.
  11. I came upon a pair of AR-3s, a single AR-2ax and a single AR-2a. Attached are photos of the unfinished pine cabinets of the AR-3s as identified via the label on the back of one of the pair, serial number 24257. The second does not have the model label. My question is regarding the drivers. It seems from what I can gather, that the 3 mainly had the Alnico woofer, but these have the later version installed. I had the skivers professionally replaced and the gentleman also inspected the spider, VC, and tested with o-scope. Same with the pair of cloth surround ten-inchers from the 2-models - resealed, and rebuilt one of the VCs. The mids look correct. The tweeters have three orange-ish "nodes" and I believe are the 3/4 inch model. From poking around on the interwebs, it seems to me that these should have the 1.25 inch tweeter which has four orange-ish "nodes." BTW, the AR-2 models that I have deploy the latter tweeter. Additionally, any input on the following would be helpful as well. The front "picture frame" bezel has been removed so that the front face is flush with the inner frame that would have supported or at least limited the grill's descent towards the drivers/baffle. I have mixed feelings about covering up the original, in this case, non-finish, but I have some rudimentary woodworking skills and would consider applying a walnut veneer with a solid walnut "picture frame" bezel to replace. Thoughts? And, in anticipation, does anyone know the depth of that bezel? I believe it is also rounded from what I could gather from photos. Thank you in advance. Dana
  12. Need one single AR3 midrange. I have parts to trade or cash. Thank you.
  13. I'm looking for a single Ar3 with mahogany lacquered finish. Prefer serial to be around 8XX
  14. One of my recently found AR3 speakers is "in the shop" with mid repairs and new caps to be installed. I was off today and thought, what the heck and I will listen to the one good AR3 with my Mcintosh 2505 amp and C-26 pre-amp. Sounded great till about 50% on volume and it tripped the amp circuit breaker protection. I did this twice and both times at about same volume. Maybe stupid question, but I assume it is dangerous to run stereo with just one speakers or do you think I have an issue with the other Ar3 (I hope not). What does everyone think. The 2505 is about 60 watts rms.
  15. I just found this site which is fabulous Our unnamed organization is cleaning out some space and these are hanging in a youth play area, believe it or not. They play well according to staff but they are building new building and this would be, believe it or not ,thrown away. I have these reserved and can probably pick up tomorrow. I did not want to raise awareness of these so just shot quick photos today. They are hung from wall which is about 9 to 10 feet tall. From these rough photos, do they look like AR3s?? Price is FREE!! SO AMAZING if they are!
  16. This is my first post and i am wondering if anyone can help with this? I bought a nice pair of AR3a's locally that needed refoaming. When I removed the grills I found that they had been refoamed before The glue had become very gooey and was difficult to remove. after several hours of scraping and cleaning they were finally ready for the foam. I have not glued the foam to the frame because I am concerned that these woofers might have had the fiber ring removed in the previous (sloppy) refoam job. Can anyone tell if these should have the fiber ring and if so where I could get them? Thanks in advance dbenn
  17. Hi folks, An acquaintance of mine is contemplating a set of 3's on the bay. Item 201517116768 has the details and some fuzzy pics. These have had some work and I have advised him to reach out to seller to see if original items are still around (grilles, pots, woofer, caps etc) but haven't gotten any feedback yet. Does the replacement woofer pictured look like an actual AR replacement, and if the original is not available should the inductor have been changed to accommodate for the foam woofer version? Geoff
  18. So here i go, diving into restoring the AR 3's that I had previously posted about finding a couple months ago. I am basically a newbie at this so I will be relying on all the help you guys have the time to offer. So you know, I am not doing this to flip them and I plan on having these as part as my main vitage system in my very cool mid century lounge. Within that lounge will be a high power solid state system featuring the AR 3's and a tube system (Dynaco st70) with either Heresy's or Altec valencias. As previously described in my initial thread about finding these, I got them out of a basement of an old dilapidated warehouse building and got them cheap. Finagling with the pots I was able to get sound out of each driver but not enough to be confident of how well they will work. the cabs are not too bad and are the least of my challenges until I know they are working. JKent has already helped with some options for Grille material and badges for the finishing touches. Thanks J Kent! As I go I hope you guys feel comfortable chiming in on things you see in my posts that I should be doing or considering. This is fun stuff so lets have at it. I can use all the help I can get! Of course, teh AR3a restoration guide will be my tool and guide for the work. Since the 3's a re a little different let me know where and when as we go please. Thus far I have removed the grilles, the woofer driver and the insulation. I carefully vacuumed out the insulation and dust particles and the attached photos is what I have. Oh BTW, we are dealing with Schematic C. Of course I started another thread the other day regarding the pots. These feel really bad and considering I was barely ever able to get sound through them they are probably pretty bad. With the insulation and woofer out, I think I will go there next to see what I have to work with. A question I have at this point is when you guys desolder the connections do you just you a solder wick or what?
  19. Good Day Friends. I am looking for AR3 cabinets in good to restore-able condition. I have all the drivers needed for the ar3a speakers but lacking cabinets. Please do let me know if you have it.
  20. Looking for a single woofer for an AR-1 system. The woofer I have a a smooth black cone with red cloth surround. Die cast basket. I'm looking to replace because the current install is low output. I removed it and tested with a meter and it read 2.5. (Isn't it 4 ohm)? Hooked up low level sound and no bass. Woofer is not frozen. Reinstalled in cabinet and same low output.
  21. Hi all, a pair of claimed never used AR3 speakers in original boxes listed on ebay at present. Cost $1250US. Glenn
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