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Found 2 results

  1. I have a pair of AR 17s and I need both woofers. Finding P/N 200001-1 is near impossible! I found one AR 17 woofer on E-bay but it's got a poly (are they any good?) cone and mine did not. I'd like to get the genuine speakers, any one know of a source? I could use a recommendation for an AR 8" speaker that would be a good substitute if all else fails. There are a lot of 8" AR woofers on E-bay to choose from. Thanks in advance!
  2. I just inherited a mint pair of AR15 with a pair of 8" woofers marked 135372 (sticker in the back) or 111791 (engraved in the back), which were made in 1991 (per the sticker) and supposedly for the old Bose 301. As is, the sound of the AR15 is already superb. Interestingly, the "Bose" woofers were put in place by Alpha Tech in St. Louis as proper replacement at the time (Alpha Tech's sticker is still in the back). The woofers look like made by Tonegen. So I also wonder if Alpha Tech thought the Bose woofers were suitable replacement for 200001. Alternatively, are there modern woofers that are good or better replacement for the 8" woofers for AR15? I am in particular interested in the offerings from Dayton sold at Parts-Express. Finally, AR15 uses a rather complex crossover network. Would the simpler crossover for AR18 work better? I am thinking noting for the woofer (once a proper replacement is found) and just a cap (5-10uf?) for the tweeter.
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