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Found 2 results

  1. So, I am in the middle of a AR 3a refurb but came into a mixed pair of AR 2ax/2a. If I successfully ID'd, one is a 2ax and the other is a 2a. The 2a has the dual cone mids and the 2ax has the single yellow-foam-caged mid. I successfully brought the 2ax back to life. Although I have done many of my own surround repairs, these Alnico woofers had clothand so had them done by Bill LeGall of MillerSound (highly recommended). Beautiful work. BTW, the "finished" repair has the mid that is mounted on a small removable plywood panel but the back labels are torn off where the model numbers would normally be located. S/N D 38357. The reason I believe it was originally a 2ax is that the grill frame does not have three holes like a 2a has, but only two (one rectangular and the other round). The 2a, or so I believe based on the dual cone mid and the three hole grill frame AND the label on the back (duh) needs more work. The mid complex is dead. Can't get anything out. And, I believe it might behoove me to upgrade that to a 2ax via the mid to get a "matching" pair. From my research, the AR 2ax midrange driver is the same driver used as a tweeter in the AR 4x. Is this correct? I ask because I also have a pair of 4x that need some love. Trying to confirm before making $100 purchases. Thanks for any/all assistance. Respectfully, Dana
  2. Hi, Ever since I finished the restoration of my AR 2ax's, with great help from the people on this forum ( thank you all!) I've been wanting to get my next pair. My chance came - a couple was selling a pair of AR-4x speakers on CL for what seemed to me like not that much money, considering they seemed to be in pretty good shape. My main concern was that they still had the original drivers, all working. Their original photos didn't show them with the grills off, in fact they didn't realize the grills came off and that people might be interested in seeing what's underneath. When I emailed them to ask if they still had the original drivers, they said 'what's a driver?'. I could tell they thought the speakers sounded bad, even though they didn't come right out and say it. I speculated that scratchy pots with dead spots were probably the culprit, and I know how to deal with that. I met them and I told them what I know - I'm not really a wiley person by nature. It's not clear how much they cared. They were glad to sell them. Wow, do they sound great. I wiggled the pots when I got home and those tweeters burst alive. The cabs aren't nearly in bad shape like my AR 2ax's - a little light restoration and they'll be fine. I do have some questions. 1) I learned how to refoam woofers (thank you Roy!) but these have the cloth surrounds. How do I evaluate the condition of the surround and determine if it needs any treatment? And if it does, what should i use? I know people here have talked about some substance that Roy and others use. 2) The previous owners put little round sticky feet on the cabs. I peeled them off and there's adhesive residue. Not serious but as a first step I need to clean that off. What do you recommend? Mineral spirits? Tuoluene? 3) I think these speakers sound good in combination with my AR 2ax's. Are there particular combinations of different AR speakers that people like? I'm guessing there are. Rob
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