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Found 4 results

  1. One pair of vintage Acoustic Research AR-3 speakers. All drivers are original and function perfectly. Capacitors and potentiometers have been replaced and original plastic grill and fabric have been replaced with period-correct saran material from Canada and reproduction brass emblems and "3" pins. Cabinets are original but were heavily scratched and gouged so have been sanded down, oiled and urethaned. The result is slightly darker and glossier than original. The finish is not perfect but is a far cry better than when they were rescued from the back of a pickup truck headed for Goodwill! The sound though is stunning. Jazz, blues, instruments and vocals have a presence and reality that makes it seem as if they are in the room with you. Anyone seriously considering these is welcome to come audition them. Cash only, pick-up only in Oxford. Price is firm, I am in no hurry to sell. Feel free to call or text Steve at 812-215-9751 with questions. For some reason I could not get pictures to upload so here is a link to my ad on Craigslist-Cincinnati that has some photos: https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/ele/d/oxford-acoustic-research-ar-3-speakers/6916322763.html AR3 AR 3 AR-3a AR3a AR 3a
  2. These speakers were given to me by a friend of mine at church who had them in the back of his truck destined for Goodwill. The cabinets were fairly rough and the grille fabric had been replaced but everything else was original. I had never restored a set of speakers before but thanks to the encouragement of Roy, Glenn, Kent and others on this site, I have spent the last 6 weeks restoring them and am very happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of the details: Year: 1963-4 Make: Acoustic Research Model: AR-3 Serial #s: C21604 & C21611 Restoration summary: - Original dual 24uF and 6uF paper capacitor replaced with new Solen 24uF 400V and Dayton Audio 6.2uF 250V Precision Audio Capacitors from Parts Express - Original 16 Ohm / 25 Watt wire-wound potentiometers were corroded beyond repair and were replaced with modern reproduction wire-wound potentiometers of the same size and specifications from captainfantastic07 on eBay. - Cabinets sanded and hand-rubbed with Watco Danish Oil (Dark Walnut) and finished with four coats of Minwax satin polyurethane. - Woofer perimeter and bolt holes resealed with speaker sealing caulk from Parts Express - Original plastic speaker grill frames replaced with more durable 1/4" Masonite for easier installation and removal. - Masonite speaker grille frames spray painted flat black before wrapping with fabric to prevent frame being seen through fabric. - Reproduction speaker grille saran material from Q-Components in Canada. - 3M automotive trim adhesive tape followed by ¼” heavy duty staples to prevent slipping of material or fraying of fabric edges - Reproduction “AR Inc” and "3" pin from jKent Attached are a few pictures so you can see before and after and some of the steps along the way. I plan on enjoying them for a while and then will probably try selling them locally before putting on eBay to avoid the hassle and potential damage associated with shipping. Thank you to Roy, Glenn and Kent for all of your input and for the wealth of information everyone else has contributed to this site! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! Thanks, Steve
  3. I happened by chance to be almost given these two lovely AR 3’s. Having answered many a Craigslist adds, I am always skeptical and cautious when making the first initial contact. This time more so then usual. The add was: Please Help an Old Lady Out and Come Get these Monstrous Speakers Outta My House $50. It continued with some pictures of some dbx v’s. (ok I know dbx v’s aren’t no AR 3’s!) But what I saw in the out of focus right hand corner of the picture got my juices flowin’. It was what looked like to me was a Sansui 4000 receiver & in the reflection on the face of the Sansui was was some more wood and speaker grill. I call the “Old Lady” right away and set the soonest possible time to meet her the same day. I was chomping at the bit, waiting for the time to come. Having showed up at the Old Ladies house at least 30mins early I was thinking I’d be sitting in my car outside her house for a while. Luckily enough I didn’t look like a complete stalker and found she was working in her garage moving and clearing electrical components, tubes, testing gear, speakers, that her recently departed electrical engineer husband had accumulated over the last 60+ years. Can you say Hogs Heaven? I certainly can and I was in it!!! There were too damn many things and stuff that I wanted. That it was and still is kind of overwhelming. She asked me inside and offered me a cup of coffee. Hell I didn’t need any coffee I needed a Valium. We walked in and there were the dbx speakers and I was right it was a Sansui 4000 sittings on the carpet beside them. Then I turned around and there they were, a slightly miss matched pair of AR-3’s. One with the grill hanging slightly off and the look of sitting in the California sun too long. I got her down on the price of the dbx v’s to $20 after showing her the the foam had totally fallen off. We sat and talked for about an hour before I asked her if she was willing to part with any of her other stereo equipment or electrical stuff in the garage. She told me that she didn’t know what she had or what it was worth. So I walked her around the room and gave her what little information I could about the equipment I saw. She offered me the AR 3’s for $50. and refused to pay her that little and offered her $200 for everything in the room that we were in. I both made her day and mine. I have been back 5 diferent times and I keep finding new old things to buy from her. The list is way too long to list here. But this is a great new starting point for this 53 year old fun in the sun loving newbee audiophile. Now I need to find a lady to help me catalog and research all of this two car garage full of good stuff. So let me start by saying Thanks for the wealth of information and knowledge. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a good restoration person in California? Also where can I find out manufacturers date of these two? Without tearing into them. Preferably with the serial numbers. Also some much needed advice on what you feel the best on a low budget receiver, amp and turntables to connect to them would be. They’re out there. You just have to keep searching. The journey continues...
  4. I am starting a rehab of a set of 3a cabinets that originally had cloth surround woofers. They are lost to time and am hoping to avoid foam versions. Let me know what you have please and thank you. Geoff
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