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Found 6 results

  1. From tempest series PS-8, measures 4 ohms. Intend to do no modifications but will use one amp fuse inline and a Sansui 8080. What do you guys think? It is a direct fit; will drop right in. Also, what about the same thing with an AR 2ax? I have done this before with a Polk RT 16 with excellent results.
  2. Need 3/4" dome for AR 2ax... Thanks!
  3. Nes

    Need Help

    Hi friends, I need some help, I am restoring a pair of AR 2ax, serial number 96xx, and I need the original circuit of the crossover. A photo would also be very helpful, an old restoration modified the original contacts. Thank you very much, and greetings from Argentina.
  4. Selling 2 x 10inch woofers Ar-2ax 3903-2 Restored with new surround See pic Tested and working 100% The woofers are 4 bolt stamped frame foam edge with soft cones Shipping is from denmark 75usd... ? but not give me a offer... more pic or video can be uploaded if needed...
  5. So, I am in the middle of a AR 3a refurb but came into a mixed pair of AR 2ax/2a. If I successfully ID'd, one is a 2ax and the other is a 2a. The 2a has the dual cone mids and the 2ax has the single yellow-foam-caged mid. I successfully brought the 2ax back to life. Although I have done many of my own surround repairs, these Alnico woofers had clothand so had them done by Bill LeGall of MillerSound (highly recommended). Beautiful work. BTW, the "finished" repair has the mid that is mounted on a small removable plywood panel but the back labels are torn off where the model numbers would normally be located. S/N D 38357. The reason I believe it was originally a 2ax is that the grill frame does not have three holes like a 2a has, but only two (one rectangular and the other round). The 2a, or so I believe based on the dual cone mid and the three hole grill frame AND the label on the back (duh) needs more work. The mid complex is dead. Can't get anything out. And, I believe it might behoove me to upgrade that to a 2ax via the mid to get a "matching" pair. From my research, the AR 2ax midrange driver is the same driver used as a tweeter in the AR 4x. Is this correct? I ask because I also have a pair of 4x that need some love. Trying to confirm before making $100 purchases. Thanks for any/all assistance. Respectfully, Dana
  6. Hello all, Over the past two weeks I have picked up two different sets of 2ax speakers. One with serials in the four digit range (1035) and the old identifying paper on back. These had a grille frame that is recessed into top and bottom and some sort of masonite frame. Also, the frame has three cutouts, vs. the two cutouts I have seen on almost every other 2ax I have seen. The grille cloth is the standard off white linen. Also the woofer has the cloth surround and the tweeter is what I believe is referenced as the fried egg version. The second set has the newer style paper on the back with serials like 227733, These have a velcro-ed frame (no recess) and have a different grille cloth than I am familiar with. The woofers have foam surrounds, or at least they used to, and the tweeters are different with a slightly smaller dome and three globs around the dome. So I have a variety of questions before I dig into these for restoring; 1. Mrs. Stupidhead likes the new (pictured below with Genghis) grille cloth over the white linen type. Is there a resource for replacement cloth that matches? My intention is to stack the two sets on the flat side when done and matching cloths would be desirable. 2. What would be the best resource for replacement surrounds for the second set? 3. Will the crossovers be the same on both units, or are the caps going to have different values? 4. The tweeter mount on the older set seems particularly delicate (very thin wires to some baffle front mounted terminal nuts) and if I don't need to remove them I would like to not! Is there any reason to have to remove these from the baffle, for example caps mounted off of the driver terminals. Both sets cabinets are in very good shape, and I am anxious to get this project started. Thanx for any input. Also, I am anticipating pot corrosion, and will be assessing that once I crack these open. I have a few spares if need be, and I also have some dope left from Roy on my recent 4x restore.
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