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Found 3 results

  1. Hello knowledgeable folks here. Could any body please suggest an amp which would suit the speakers AR-6 and the AR turntable ? I live in the UK . I have had a few suggestions but would just like to put it out there . would any one agree that a QED A 230 might be suitable, sorry to be such a needy newbie Michelle
  2. HI People. I am happy to become a new member of this group. I feel completely out of my depth. I have for a long time wanted to return to playing vinyl and today on a whim I have taken the plunge and purchased (E bay) a AR Turntable. This is the first piece of equipment i have bought. I cannot stress to you how new I am to all of this , I just want to get some decent sounds and I am by no stretch of the imagination as audio tech as you guys. I have a couple of questions. I will of course need an amp, I have no idea which would be a good choice. I am really not looking for anything out of this world, so if any of you have any good suggestions I would seriously welcome your advice. I do not want to spend a fortune. I assume I need an integrated amp ? Then I will also need some decent sounding speakers, I am only going to be listening to vinyl in my small lounge. I have had a look at some vintage AR speakers . The AR turntable I have bought might have an old k9 Linn cartridge, the seller said it may have a Linn arm or Jelco. I cant be more specific because it seems he does not know either. I am thinking maybe speakers A-6 (AR) might be ok ? I do not have a massive budget and am purchasing within UK. I really hope someone here can help me with my questions, I would be very appreciative of even the faintest clue of what to match with my new (to me) turntable. Michelle
  3. Hello People, A very dear friend of mine from Nashville, Tennessee is looking for a Amplifier for a a AR-2ax he bought recently. I'm trying to help him find an Amplifier at a reasonable price. He is looking for a simple but clean Integrated amp with or without a Phono (although that would be a bonus). Any leads, kind people? Regards, Sudhir
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