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Found 13 results

  1. I picked up this pair of Original Large Advent. Or at least I think they are. I do not know my Advents that well. I have not opened these up yet. Obviously they need new surrounds and I was also going to replace the caps while I was at it. And I had plans on lightly sanding and oiling the cabinets to make them sparkle again. They have identical intact tags that say Advent Loudspeaker on back with serial #s M 01535 and M 3057. As you can see from the photos, they look identical with the grilles on, but off one has the Masonite woofer and the cage over the tweeter. The person I got them from (part of a larger deal) said he bought them from the original owner and never got around to updating them, now he was moving houses and decided to sell rather than fix them up. My question is, could one of these been refurbished and thus had drivers updated? Does it matter that the drivers are different? I would not think the different drivers were a manufacturing change when they are only 1500 apart in serial numbers. I assume with such close numbers they would have the same drivers. My thought was to get the correct surrounds and just replace the foams. My understating is that both of these woofers, despite the difference in rings, take the same replacement foam. Secondly, with the different drivers, would the crossover be different? Lastly, should I just replace the drivers in the one speaker with a masonite woofer and tweeter with the cage? Certainly I can find replacement woofers and tweeters on eBay. The cabinets look close enough that replacing the drivers would create a visually identical set. But would they sound identical? These photos are from the seller. I can post more photos if needed. Thanks in advance of any insights! —Patrick
  2. I want to buy two New Large Advent woofers. Metal frame, square magnet, original cone and voice coil. Surround condition is not important. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Just picked up a set of OLAs. One cabinet has the original woofer driver (needs refoaming), the other cabinet has a replacement 12 inch woofer. Haven't pulled it yet to determine the manufacturer. Looking for an original 12" (10" cone) woofer to install in this cabinet. If anyone has one to sell, please contact me. If it needs refoaming or a voice coil, that's OK. I can perform the rebuild (provided of course the voice coils are available somewhere). As always, thank you for your help. Paul
  4. Hi Everyone, I bought these PALs in December from the original owner. I just noticed that one is missing a woofer. I don't want to get involved in sourcing replacements, and I'd like to just sell them. I'm a big Advent fan, and I'd really prefer for them to fall to someone who appreciates them and can fix them up, so I'm listing them here. I turned them on very briefly, for about 10 seconds each. The green light comes on, you can hear both amps humming gently, then they click (similar the sound my receiver makes when the input is engaged), then light static comes from the tweeters. $100 takes them. I'm located just outside of NYC. A few pictures are below, but the google photos link has a total of 22. Best, Charlie https://photos.app.goo.gl/CjChSFzHbKS4qHn72
  5. Is the Advent/1 an 8 ohm speaker?
  6. txc35

    Cabinets for 5012

    I have the tweeters and woofers for a pair of Advent 5012's but no cabinets. Any idea where I can find them or is there a good design to build my own???
  7. der

    New Score

    Among other gear purchased at an auction down the street I bought a pair of Advert Heritage speakers in pristine condition. The cabinets are in like new condition. Woofer surrounds look good but there's always that chance they'll need replaced. Haven't heard them yet. Thinking of including them in my surround sound setup with my big Samsung UHD TV. Paid $50 for the pair. Also scored two Onkyo surround sound receivers, a CD/DVD changer, and a massive 2- 12" powered sub-woofer (that I haven't even looked at yet) I just know it's very heavy. Paid another $50 for all that. Receivers do work. Also included was an equipment rack that I'm giving away. Have no use for it. More later. der
  8. Compelling AR "Hindsight" Questions: Instead of the 3-way AR-5 with its excellent, expensive midrange and tweeter, should AR have made a good 3-way bookshelf unit using the AR-3a 12-inch woofer and an AR-2ax-type midrange and dome tweeter—at the AR-5 price point—to better compete with (or outgun) the Large Advent? It would use the AR-3a-size cabinet, but it would not include the expensive midrange-dome driver or solid-wood grill molding. It would look like a slightly larger AR-2ax box. As we all know, the AR-5 was (except for deep bass) technically superior to the Advent, but it failed in the market place because of its lack of low-end "punch" and its relatively high price. The AR-3a was definitely (and technically) superior to the Advent in deep bass, but it cost nearly twice as much. Therefore, would a watered-down 3-way, using the heavy AR-3a woofer, been the answer? Another angle: perhaps a 2-way design with a redesigned, Advent-like 10-inch woofer and a new mid-tweeter, capable of a lower crossover? By the time of the AR-14, these things were seriously contemplated, but it was too far down the road to try to catch the Advent's sales advantage. The AR-14's bass fell squarely between the AR-3a and the AR-5. Another angle: should AR have designed the AR-5 with the AR-2ax's cone midrange and dome tweeter, but a more-potent, lower-resonance 10-inch woofer that would be equal to the Advent 10-inch woofer? This woofer would have the same low-resonance response of the Advent, but it would lack the extremely low distortion, potent output of the bigger AR-3a 12-inch woofer. Each of these designs might have cost less than the original AR-5, but looking back, hindsight is 20-20. Would any of these designs been the answer in 1968? Thoughts... comments? —Tom Tyson
  9. I just scanned a 12 page marketing brochure that has an marketing-type overview of the design philosophy for the Larger and Smaller Advent loudspeakers. I'd guess it was published around 1974. It is a good-quality scan and it is a single PDF file. As such, it is too large to upload here. It is available on my webserver here: http://archive.mgm51.com/library/Advent
  10. I have a pair of Small Advent speakers originally purchased in 1975. For many years they were used with an amplifier that was not "compatible" with 4 ohm speakers. It worked that way for years, but they stopped working eventually. I'm ignorant when it comes to electronics, so I don't know what is wrong with them. I'm moving and need to get rid of these speakers. Instead of recycling them, I was wondering if any one would be interested in having these speakers for free for parts. The cabinets are in good shape and there is some mild discoloration of the fabric covers, see photo attached. I'm in the Boston area. I may even have the original boxes in my attic. If you are interested in having them but don't live close by, you need to pay for shipping which may expensive. Thanks very much. Elizabeth
  11. Looking for pair of NLA (New Large Advent) woofers (without the Masonite ring). I would prefer that the surrounds are NOT new (wish to use my own) and that magnets are square shape but will accept round magnets. Dust caps must be porous type
  12. Reborn of ADVENT A4 speakers! Sound is FANTASTIC!!! And the look!!! All I can say for sure is that I do not need to invest in speakers anymore in my lifetime, perfect speakers! Thanks Henry Kloss! Handmade oak-wood speakers with Advent A4 woofers, tweeters and crossovers. All crossover parts replaced with new ones.
  13. Hi, New to the forum and I just picked up this pair of Advent 3s. The woofer on one has a scratchy sound, like a short. I switched woofers around, so I know it's not the electronics in the speaker cabinet. I don't see any tears or other damage to the woofer. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for your help Jordan. All of my vintage stereo finds: http://swingmodern.blogspot.com
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