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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Friend of Acoustic Research: A documentary filmmaker from New York -- living in the same town as and acquainted with Edgar Villchur -- is making a documentary film on the life of Edgar Villchur. This film producer is Cambiz Khosravi, a well-known documentary producer, and he is well on the way with his project, "Edgar Villchur: The American Inventor." I've helped him quite a bit, and I think the documentary production will be very nice and a great tribute to Edgar Villchur and Acoustic Research. Mr. Khosravi does need any help he can get to cover the cost of the "production stage" of the film, and PBS -- the likely presenter -- will cover the remaining costs. Therefore, Khosravi has set up a funding site: "https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fcambiz.khosravi%2Fposts%2F10217946219041185&width=500" If you can help in any way, it would be fantastic! --Tom Tyson
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my treasured Boston Acoustics T-1030 towers. I've listed them on craiglist for $2400. They have some cosmetic imperfections that you can see in the pictures, but all the drivers work, they were just refoamed in 2016, and overall I think they're in great condition! They sound incredible. I know these are rare, and I want them to go to a good home. I'm located in White Plains, NY, near the city. I'm willing to transport them to a certain extent. Shipping is not an option at this point. All the Best, Charlie
  3. These are CT pickup only or will drop off at U ship. For those who don't know me, I am: PB2 on DIYaudio Pete B on AudioKarma psound2004 on ebay with 100% positive rating Pete Basel on Parts Express Tech Talk. These Advent NLA 's in walnut are the cleanest pair that I've ever seen $499. I will bring them to any of the North East Fest meets if there is interest. Serial numbers #A473830 and #A473622 Plug and play ready to go, bought from the original owner who said that they were placed in a room and never moved until sold to me. Shows 6-1980 build date inside. I went over them with Howard's Restore a Finish and Howard's Feed and Wax just to freshen up the finish, there were no water marks or deep scratches. There are very minor scratches on the top and bottoms. I have a feeling that these had an easy life unlike many I've seen that were party speakers. The tweeters tested out perfectly, indicating that the ferro fluid is not burnt; they are numbers 7 and 8 in this post with fundamental resonances well below 2 KHz: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/new-large-advent-tweeter-issues.824843/#post-11776773 I carefully refoamed the woofers and they measure correctly as a result of using the correct foam. I recapped them with Dayton %1 poly film caps and with resistors to compensate for the original ESR as I discuss in this thread: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/advent-nla-input-impedance-warning.830276/ This is a completely stock restoration - no modifications. I was going to keep these but have decided that I just have too many speakers. I am also the author of this web page: http://baselaudiolab.com/ADVENT_LA_XO.html
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