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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Friend of Acoustic Research: A documentary filmmaker from New York -- living in the same town as and acquainted with Edgar Villchur -- is making a documentary film on the life of Edgar Villchur. This film producer is Cambiz Khosravi, a well-known documentary producer, and he is well on the way with his project, "Edgar Villchur: The American Inventor." I've helped him quite a bit, and I think the documentary production will be very nice and a great tribute to Edgar Villchur and Acoustic Research. Mr. Khosravi does need any help he can get to cover the cost of the "production stage
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my treasured Boston Acoustics T-1030 towers. I've listed them on craiglist for $2400. They have some cosmetic imperfections that you can see in the pictures, but all the drivers work, they were just refoamed in 2016, and overall I think they're in great condition! They sound incredible. I know these are rare, and I want them to go to a good home. I'm located in White Plains, NY, near the city. I'm willing to transport them to a certain extent. Shipping is not an option at this point. All the Best, Charlie
  3. SOLD! These are CT pickup only or will drop off at U ship. For those who don't know me, I am: PB2 on DIYaudio Pete B on AudioKarma psound2004 on ebay with 100% positive rating Pete Basel on Parts Express Tech Talk. These Advent NLA 's in walnut are the cleanest pair that I've ever seen $499.I will bring them to any of the North East Fest meets if there is interest. Serial numbers #A473830 and #A473622Plug and play ready to go, bought from the original owner who said that they wereplaced in a room and never moved until sold to me. Shows 6-1980 build date inside
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