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Found 3 results

  1. I purchased this driver decades ago, and finally got around to looking at it today. The cone appears to be pushed in, with no travel before hitting bottom. IT can be pulled out, but almost snaps back to the position in the pictures. If feels like the voice coil is rubbing. Before I refoam it, I want to make sure the mechanism is working properly. Is this repairable? Nigel
  2. Hello, I bought a pair of ar-7 speakers at a flea market, pretty beat up, but with wood veneer and nice grills. Unfortunately I couldn't get the grills off at the market so I took a chance. When I got them home I found both surrounds were disintegrated and one woofer was frozen or scratching. Also one tweeter is dead. Now I'm having a hell of a time finding replacement drivers. The 8" woofers have a square magnet on the back. Are there no replacement woofers out there? Are the tweeters the same as the ar-4 series? I hope i can get these going again. Thanks in advance!
  3. As in this, from an MST; Is the technique the same as for the 12" fabric dust-cap on a 3a? I must admit, sticking a blade in the usual place feels very different; as if there is a lot more resistance.....
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