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Found 5 results

  1. I have a pair of AR 17s and I need both woofers. Finding P/N 200001-1 is near impossible! I found one AR 17 woofer on E-bay but it's got a poly (are they any good?) cone and mine did not. I'd like to get the genuine speakers, any one know of a source? I could use a recommendation for an AR 8" speaker that would be a good substitute if all else fails. There are a lot of 8" AR woofers on E-bay to choose from. Thanks in advance!
  2. Good day All! After a long silence I am back to playing with my speakers again. Background: I had a pair of not so good AR18s and bought another pair just for the drivers. The spare tweeters bought in a new life to my boxes. The old woofer had butchered voice coils and woofer material, so I swapped them too and now it sounds all pleasant. Why did I not just use the second speaker box? Well the front baffle on the donor was all patchy and mine was mint. I also upgraded my Rotel RA-414 to a Pioneer A-676 and wow! I am a super happy man! The Rotel now pair with the Minimus 7 in my home office. Now I am sitting on a pair of old tweeters and woofers and was wondering how I could put them to good use. 1. I have a AR93 with shot tweeters and would like to use these tweeters on them. How do I get around to refurbishing them? I believe there is an expert on this forum who services them. I wouldn't mind having someone hand carry them to the USA and have it shipped locally to him. 2.The woofer: I have never repaired a woofer ever, but I am confident I will be able to do a mechanically correct job( if not cosmetically). But what do I do with the woofers? Make an opposing box (like the AR93s bottom end) and make a small sub-woofer unit? I know this requires lot of calculations and probably is not worth it as the woofer may not go very low in a sealed box. The other option is to make a cabinet larger than the AR18 ( 17/25/28) and use an exotic tweeter like an AMT to make a hybrid? 3.Use the woofers in the lower cabinet in the configuration they are in now (see pic), seal the tweeter opening and make a (some kind of) hybrid AR94? If I ditch the cabinets, I would like to get rid of the rear switch , binding posts and logos (basically whatever is salvageable) and give it to who ever need them for free on this forum. I have friends travelling almost every alternate month and can do a local courier in the US. I would rather they go to someone who has some use for them instead of hoarding them. Regards, Sudhir
  3. I just inherited a mint pair of AR15 with a pair of 8" woofers marked 135372 (sticker in the back) or 111791 (engraved in the back), which were made in 1991 (per the sticker) and supposedly for the old Bose 301. As is, the sound of the AR15 is already superb. Interestingly, the "Bose" woofers were put in place by Alpha Tech in St. Louis as proper replacement at the time (Alpha Tech's sticker is still in the back). The woofers look like made by Tonegen. So I also wonder if Alpha Tech thought the Bose woofers were suitable replacement for 200001. Alternatively, are there modern woofers that are good or better replacement for the 8" woofers for AR15? I am in particular interested in the offerings from Dayton sold at Parts-Express. Finally, AR15 uses a rather complex crossover network. Would the simpler crossover for AR18 work better? I am thinking noting for the woofer (once a proper replacement is found) and just a cap (5-10uf?) for the tweeter.
  4. I purchased this driver decades ago, and finally got around to looking at it today. The cone appears to be pushed in, with no travel before hitting bottom. IT can be pulled out, but almost snaps back to the position in the pictures. If feels like the voice coil is rubbing. Before I refoam it, I want to make sure the mechanism is working properly. Is this repairable? Nigel
  5. Hello All, My Name is Sudhir and I write from India. I am very happy to have found this forum of great know how and people with expert knowledge of these wonderful speakers. I have owned a few AR's in India. These are quite a rarity in this country and I have been relentlessly searching to get my hands on more of these speakers. I have a AR18J, the TSW210 and the TSW510 (Dads). Of all these the AR18's are my favorite. I bought them from a guy 15 years ago for some 15$. At that point one of the speaker was not working . A quick inspection revealed that one of the lugs had come off at the woofer. These little speakers have been paired with a Rotel RA - 414 for the last 15 years and have been with a friend when I left the country and are back with me now. Now the 18s were not in the best shape when I got them , but have always sounded nice and rounded. The woofer material seemed to have been replaced locally and I have been searching for a replacement original on ebay for a while and nothing seems to turn up. I see a lot of replacements for the B and BX suffix models , but none for the J suffix. The aim is to return the speakers cosmetically to the condition they were when new. I am willing to CNC the box to exact specs and use the old front baffle as I love the typography on them! Recap the speakers Silver internal wire Use new / refurbish connectors on the rear. I know i will not get the original veneer colour, but will substitute with something very close. Here are some pictures of the speakers and the listening setup. I know i have placed the speakers horizontally, but will have them back vertical as soon as I get the stands shortened! Picture 1: How it looks from the front 2: The typography and front baffle 3. Crossover : Everything seems to original 4. The fill seems to have been added at a later stage. See the colour difference? 5. Woofer front 6 , 7 and 8: Rear of woofer (Seems to be original) 9 and 10. Cabinet disintegration as I moved them around for the pictures! 11 and 12. The original foam grilles in a very delicate shape. 13 and 14 . My listening setup! Experts! Waiting for your suggestions!!!!! Thanks and Regards, Sudhir
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