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  1. R_Laski, Thank you so so much for your feed back (as well as the others that provided info). I was tied up for the past 6 weeks but now ready to move forward. I was deciphering your parts list for the ClarityCaps and was confused in a few areas but think I have it right. 1) I assume the list of parts is for one complete crossover upgrade (one AR Speaker cabinet). Therefore I would double up on the parts to complete 2 AR90 speaker cabinets. 2) In each line item you mix the words "series" and "parallel" in the same sentence, which confuses me. example: 24mF (series) ClarityCap CSA (2) 12.0mF 250VDC connected in parallel. To me, I would think I need to just wire two 12mF together in parallel to make 24mF. So whats the "series' for? Finally, please review the parts list I assembled in PartsConnexion shopping cart (the 4.7mF and 2mF caps are out of stock right now and listed as $0, but I would order them when it comes in stock or elsewhere) and let me know if this is complete for 2 AR90 cabinets. Many thanks!!!
  2. Hi All, I'm a noob to recapping crossovers, but I am very good with a soldering iron. I have acquired my dad's old set of AR90s that I have loved since I was a kid. I refoamed the surrounds and now I realize I need to recap the crossovers. Can you provide me with the ideal parts/values list of your recommended quality caps, etc and where I can buy them from? I've seen entire kits online but I read these are more generic parts. If I'm gonna recap these, I want to do it right and do it once. Thanks in advance!
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