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  1. Hey that’s a really detailed list I really appreciate this I’m going to send the tweets off for repair but pick up some replacements for now I’m itching to get these into my system plus they turned out so nice they will match the decor wife approved! Built some nice little stands out of angle iron and butcher block I’ll post picks results when they are put together thanks again
  2. I posted a few months ago help with restoring my AR2s spent a lot of time on the cabinets they were in really nice shape but I sanded them down and refinish to furniture grade,even sanded down and stained the front with a black ebony polyurethane stain now for the parts...need new pots tweets caps see prices all over the board diff tweeter choices some with voice coil others without diff pots cheap caps or a kit bundled together what’s the consensus on the right parts and supplier for what I’m looking for thanks
  3. Thanks Adam I think I will order all the parts and get started including tweeters I will reach out to Roy for rebuilds see how they compare to the new ones I would prefer the originals just don’t wanna wait that long all four wires have detached from the domes I’m assuming that’s repairable like the looks of the grills and covers but I seldom have them on unless I have company or kids around I like the looks of seeing the drivers thanks again
  4. Here are some pics I don’t know if it’s ambition I just want my system back up and running...I ordered some JBL 100 classics that showed up severely damaged,sent them back and started thinking I’d just try to get these ARs back to life they sounded really nice on a older Sansui receiver despite needing some work I have a new Schiit tube pre that I think will tame the brightness of my carver amp and the sound of these ARs feels like it might be a nice fit I’m sure I’ll end up with new speakers at some point I knkw these ARs won’t deliver the dynamics that I really enjoy with my music but they are great looking they match my AR table and my retro decor so I’m all in on the restoration money isn’t a huge factor just want all the parts and get it done thanks for the reply’s
  5. Thanks for the info I can post some pics I’ve got one taken apart started on the refinish of the cabinets they are actually in really nice shape along with the grills original cloth and badges I’ve see wide range of prices on parts especially for the tweeter? I’m going to just order both tweeters all 4 pots and new caps any suggestions? the eBay sight tweeters are far more expensive than the other one that’s been suggested out here I know the mids worked when I first hooked these up a few years ago I’m going to assume they are still good see how they do with new controls and caps any concerns running these off my carver amp? Played them few years ago and thought they sounded really darn good excited to see how they do restored my amp has been serviced and modified it’s putting out over 300w a channel
  6. I’m pretty handy commercial refrigeration tech electrical license I just don’t know a lot about speakers trying to figure this out I’ve taken the speakers apart found the woofers were only sealed with some white gasket material,leads were not soldered back on just wrapped around the terminal and loose.Pots have no resistance not sure they are even worth messing with is there a source for NOS that will trade for what I have? Send in for rebuild ? Or just purchase all new pots tweets
  7. The thin copper wires under the tape are broken off they no longer go into the tweeter ?
  8. I’ve had these speakers for a few years now great cosmetic shape woofers were refoamed but the pots are shot and I’ve noticed looking at the tweeters under the elec tape the small wires have come loose the foam and tweeters don’t look great either is it time to just replace them ? not concerned about resale just want to use them with a carver amp and AR TT until I get a new set of speakers
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