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  1. Looking for some advice on restoring two Beveled walnut cabinets back to their original luster. They have the usual scratches and scrapes but other then that are in good condition. Also the grill clothes are a dark color verses the other pair I own which are more of a linen color. Did Advent actually make a darker color grill cloth? 2021-10-13_15-17-27_474.heic 2021-10-13_15-17-55_997.heic 2021-10-13_15-18-17_249.heic 2021-10-13_15-18-29_474.heic 2021-10-13_15-18-04_641.heic 2021-10-13_15-17-27_474.heic
  2. Thanks for all the good advice. I decided it wasn't worth it in the long run to risk damage so I will leave well enough alone.
  3. This is what my other metal woofer looks like after removing as much of the old glue as I could get off. It might have been refomed multiple times. I didn't want to risk trying to remove any more from the inner cone ring. There was a major build up of glue on the outer ring that I had to really scrape off.
  4. Thanks for responding Doug. There is no rubbing at all and the surround is soft and not bouncy. I ran it next to one of my other OLA's with the masonite woofers and I really couldn't discern a difference. If I decide to redo it wouldn't I risk mangling the cone edge while removing this surround and then the cone edge would be showing any of it's current imperfections or damage since the top would now be exposed?
  5. Just picked up this Large Advent metal woofer on ebay. But, I've been told that this is the wrong surround that was applied to it. Will I have to remove it and replace because the one that is on it now will effect the sound quality? The one pictured has a larger outer lip. I tried it and I can not hear any difference.
  6. Are both the OLA's and NLA's both rated at 8 0hms?
  7. I have a Technics SA 500 receiver that is currently powering one pair of OLA'S. I just acquired a pair of NLA's and would like to run them together. My question is whether I should just run one pair on the main and one pair on the remote at the same time or run then in parallel or serial and if so how? I was just concerned about whether my receiver which is rated at 55 watts into 8 ohms would be enough?
  8. Thanks Doug for your information. Yes, the masonite woofers are original to the vinyl covered Advents. I like the idea of getting a matching metal one to go in the walnut cabinets instead. I think I will try to source one of the metal ones and then refoam the one I have.
  9. Just picked up a nice set of OLA's, the wood cabinets are in great shape, but they have two different types of woofers. They both need to be refoamed. The elderly man I purchased them from said he was the original owner and had one of them professionally refoamed many years ago. But since they have two different woofer is that going to make a difference in how they sound or is it more of an aesthetic thing? I do have another pair of OLA's with the vinyl cabinets and they both have the woofers with the Masonite rings. I thought I could always swap one of those into these since they have nicer cabinets. i realize that the refoaming procedure is different due to the foam surrounds are mounted differently on the mismatched woofers. Just more concerned if there will be a difference in sound between the two.
  10. Thanks Doug. I'm in agreement with you. I see no bulging or leakage and they sound great to my ears!
  11. The solder connections look untouched and not disturbed. I'm kind of in the same camp as you when it comes to recapping them. It seems like the other camp says since they are electrolytic then they would be dried out after all these years and therefore should be replaced.
  12. Can anyone tell me if these are the original caps for this crossover or have these been changed out already at some point in the recent past. I did just pick up some NPE caps from Parts express, but now I'm wondering if I really need to change them. To my ear the speakers sound great!
  13. Thanks Kent for the Quick response. So from your reply I can use a cap with a higher voltage rating without any adverse effects to the sound. I appears that finding 50 v caps are out of the question , but installing ones with a higher voltage such as 100v or 250v will not have any appreciable effect on sound. Am I reading that right?

  14. I'm having trouble sourcing the caps for my Rev 2 crossover network. They currently have 16uf 50v NPE and 8uf 50v NPE,s installed. Can not find the exact specs for these anywhere. I'm assuming they are not produced anymore in those values. Has anyone run into this problem and what was your solution.
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