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  1. Thank you Aadams and AR-Pro! I did do a search here and did not find much on the woofer. Your advice is good. All the best.
  2. Also, Has any tried the Simply Speakers AR3a 12" driver in the AR1 or original AR3? Should they work if they fit?
  3. Glad I found this forum. I picked up one complete and working 1956 AR1 speaker in good condition and the other one needs a voice coil on the 755a and a complete woofer. Cabinets are in good condition. Want to get some ideas as to how to proceed. Just sell the 755's? I can get a repair kit for the 755 voice coil but really want to save the original cone which is in decent shape and supposedly is responsible for part of the great sound (they do sound incredible if you have not heard one). The old woofers are hard to find and expensive, as are parts for them. Is a working set of AR1s with original drivers worth the work, or are the 755's the real value here? Of course they are not the finest sounding speaker out there at this time, but are they highly collectable and will they be more so in the future? Thanks to anyone who answers- Ken in San Diego.
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