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  1. Does this appear within reason for these?
  2. Does that appear to be within reason for these? Tried to delete this as it was a duplicate. Not sure how,
  3. These are extremely heavy cabinets. Seems shipping would present a problem. Would the fact I have been unable to test the mids and tweeters deter most potential purchasers?
  4. I am new to this forum but have been around vintage speakers for awhile. I picked up this pair of AR10 pi speakers in the hopes I would be able to repair, recondition and enjoy. I neither have the room nor the current budget (kids, house etc...) to complete these. I do not have the woofers. The crossover repairs are also out of my wheelhouse. I know these are fairly rare and users here could Love and bring these back to life. Should they be sold as the pair as-is, should I remove the mids and tweeters and sell them all separate? Since the crossovers are not complete I have been unable to test anything so I do not know where I stand. Thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. For what it’s worth my current speaker lineup is - Dahlquist DQM-907, Avid 103’s and Ryan Acoustics Mclb1 bookshelf speakers. I am sure I will regret parting with them but I just can’t do it at this time and do not have the room to store.
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