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  1. I really appreciate this forum.. Sorry to leave on a bad note but... I have really started enjoying my speakers. This has lead me to Seriously enjoy Analog again. I thought this forum would be a good place to discuss such... but I can find no place for that. So, sadly i depart to find another community.
  2. Just dropping more thanks to all. .. I am so very happy. I cannot express the amount of joy these speakers are opening up for me. I guess i really missed hi fidelity. Yes i sold out to digital along with everyone else, but i was aware of the loss in that trade and always yearned to return to analog. It is nice to be reunited with an old and trusted friend like Hi-Fi. I dug up some albums from my youth. Yes. Time travel is possible. Listening to Dan Fogelberg will do the trick everytime. Much like the quality of these speakers, that music has stood the test of time.
  3. Complete! And sounding great. Now to clean those albums I have been holding onto all these years... Thanks to everyone for the great help on this project. You all are a nice group and you have really helped me make this possible. Here are two boring shots of the finished speakers. I kinda don't mind the random hole in the fabric sock, or the water stains and wear on the tops. Keep on Rockin!
  4. I have drivers and am working on installing them. Many thanks go out to DavidR for the replacement AR drivers. Besides doing a great job on packaging and working with me to get them delivered safely, he took the time to mark the color codes on the driver terminals. That has been a good reassurance and guide. Thanks! I thought it would be easy enough to reassemble... BUT... at some point someone hacked big holes in wood where the tweeters go. Ugh. I got big gaping holes around the tweeter and almost Nowhere to screw them down. I am doing some bondo work and some creative mounting to compensate. Also giving all the terminal connectors a good look over as i found one that was coming off.
  5. Today's Question. Worth 200 points!! How much amp can these speakers take? Back in the day... the 80s... ah the 80s... well back in the day i drove them with 2 kenwood mono amps that did, if i understand right: 100w continuous, 300w peak. Never had any trouble with that. Except when i thought i could use them for an outdoor party... Boom. Blew out the bass drivers. Doh! Learned about the importance of air resistance in a room vs outdoors. Ok maybe alcohol was a factor.. If i could have my dream of maxing these without blowing them up... what can they handle? Truth Disclaimer: I will probably be driving them with some piece of shit for quite a while.. ....
  6. All painted. Still got to be careful with the edges. Replacing the tops and bottoms should protect it after that. BTW, if you are missing some speaker gaskets.... remember to check the back of the driver you pulled ! DOH!
  7. You know, i should have taped off that felt ... but i do tend to get in a hurry and i did not. But I am not stressing it. These cabinets are so rough that it is of little consequence esthetics wise. Thanks all for making sure i am planning to seal them with gaskets. That is the kind of stuff one can miss if not thinking about the details.
  8. i guess not because i do not know what those are. o0. I did find a few black gaskets which i removed. I wonder if i am missing some of those and how important or not they are. I used a brush to paint it.
  9. I am going with all AR drivers just for the sheer fun of it. I fully expect to be transported back in time to 1981. If not, I feel sure the sound will be sufficient for me. I always used to run them against a wall ... guess there was a reason.. My new living space that i enjoy is 20 x 40. A very nice sized space that i hope to enjoy to its fullest.
  10. A friend came over with his sound equipment. We ran different frequencies and everything seemed ok.... It was a pleasant surprise to hear them crank at 40hz. Its amazing how much lighter the cabinets are without the speakers/magnets. The cabinet wood responded well to the first layer of paint. It really did a good job of binding the wood. I can now do some light sanding and another coat - then color. I don't know if the pictures show it well, but the surfaces are REALLY rough. In some areas the material just fell apart. From what I am seeing it is very apparent that the wood is falling apart because ultra violet light has destroyed the glue holding the wood particles together. The sides that would have seen window light are the most damaged, and inside where the light does not go there is very little. I could do some bondo work to bring back the edges but since I am lazy I will hope the sock covers these sins acceptably.
  11. While painting the cabinets today i saw the sticker on the bottom - they are 93Q. Does the crossover age due to use or time? These speakers have been sitting around a long time. What would i hear that would indicate they are not working well? I am sorely tempted to put in new drivers and roll on... but.... does this look like an original crossover?
  12. Thanks for the welcome and responses. ar_pro thanks for the speaker ID j kent. I wish i still had those amps. I they were great and i can't believe i ever let them go.... I will have to find an affordable amp to make this go. Nefertem a tweeter option. nice. re: putting books under. When my friend and I tested these out we found a big difference from on the floor to raised up some. We also tried them against the wall and 3 foot in front of the wall. Each change altered the bass in different ways. I wonder if these were designed to be place right in front of a wall? Seemed like it. David R.. msg in your box AR 55 good info, TY. Yes in fact those are the numbers i am seeing now that i have them out. Today's big Question. Opinions on the two replacement woofers I have ? They seemed ok to my old man ears, but i would like to KNOW that i am rebuilding a true fidelity sound as sometimes that confidence is pleasing. RE: Crossover. I just want to skip this. But maybe you all should talk me into dealing with it. When we ran different frequencies during the sound check, the speakers seem to work well. The soundstage presence is working well. I have done some soldering and so its not the end of the world to do, but it is a bit over my head.
  13. Hello to the Forums! I have been reading related posts and look forward to hearing from you all about my project. This will be a minimal/low cost restoration. My main issues seem to be the tweeters and the wood material which is shedding. A friend came by and we ran sound tests at different frequencies. It sounded good except the tweeters. I am trying to keep my costs and efforts down, and i will probably not replace the crossover unless someone convinces me it has to be done. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INFO and Questions : I always called them AR 93. But i see a lot of talk about 93a and 93q etc. Do i have just 93 or something else? A long time back i put in some crappy tweeters. Time to put in the right replacements. How do i find the right tweeter? I see some for sale that say they are AR - are they really? how can i KNOW i am getting the right tweeter. The cabinet boxes are shedding ALOT. Each time i brush off some crap sticking up - there is more. I need to find a way to lock the wood down so i can sand it. I am currently considering painting them with an oil based primer - and then sanding them some and repaint again and again. Suggestions welcomed. The variations in shape do not really bother me - i just want to stabilize the situation and put the socks back. The mid and bass speakers look pretty good. But! In the past replacements have been done. I think i have two original and two replacement bass speakers. Of these two styles which do you think is the original? In the picture, the near one which is solid black with a rounded cone. ( somewhat crumpled) OR the far speaker pictured which shows a tan paper center. Right now each cabinet has one of each. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The story : Man i love these speakers. I was a teenager working in a high end fidelity store. The store manager was nice to me and helped me get set up with these and some very fine Kenwood mono amps. Many hours of joy listening to records. I enjoyed these speakers so much that i was truly bummed when digital music came along. The loss of 3D sound qualities was hard to accept - although like everyone the convenience caught me. Between the rise of digital and some troubles with the tweeters, these awesome speakers have been missing too long from my life. My goal is to get them working well and then buy the proper equipment to drive them. Thank you for any input.
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