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  1. Yeah, but the same manufacturer having 2 different types of speakers with the exact same model #? I think this was the first time I've ever seen that!
  2. Thanks JKent! I have had no luck finding info on these besides some specs, so I was willing to try anything. You never know where the vintage Japanese speaker folks are hiding...lol! I think I found this manual and was looking at the website.....and if you scroll down towards the bottom of the page where it shows the LS-10, LS-15, LS-20 and LS-88, notice the LS-20. It is a different LS-20 than what I have. That one is a 2-way 100w speaker and mine is a 4-way, 350w speaker. Mine looks more like the LS-10, LS-15 and the LS-88. The LS-20 they are showing looks nothing like the others. Kinda strange eh?
  3. Hello. I purchased a set of these apparently rare LS-20 speakers and need some parts. They were abused heavily and I couldn't stand seeing them in such bad shape. They are the 4-way speakers with a 15" driver and not the loudspeakers with the same model #. I'm having trouble finding any info on these, so if you know anything about em', please share. Would be much appreciated!
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