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    AR2 Tweeter

    I would like to place them vertically rather than horizontal and I understand that horizontal dispersion is limited in this position. I am thinking that I could configure this as an AR2X....AR had sold a kit to actually do this conversion. However I am thinking that a modern tweeter such as the PE PRT tweeter would fill that task. The open question that I have is the impedance of the existing tweeter/midrange arrangement. I guess when all is said and done I would like to have a 10 inch version of the venerable AR4X?
  2. Hi....I am new....I recently resurrected a pair of AR2’s that had been sitting idle on a basement for more than 20 years. They look to be ‘original’. One unit only has 3 sides finished. They have the dual angled tweeters and based on what I have read they should be positioned on a bookshelf (on their side). I removed the woofer and the units have the old military oil filled capacitors and the rheostats were undamaged (but needed cleaning). I reassembled the units and they really sound lovely. However, I would like to replace the tweeters....which would be doable without changing the historical character by removing the existing tweeter basket and replacing it with a ‘baffle’ carrying the ‘modern’ tweeter and not touching the crossover. Sooooo does anyone know what the combined impedance of the existing double tweeter is? Also, what would be a good replacement.....I was thinking of either the PRT or the Dayton DCF28-8 if the impedance is 8 ohms. Thanks KenB
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