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  1. KenB

    AR2 Tweeter

    So I took aadams note to heart and found the circuit for the AR14 crossover.....replaced the 6db crossover with the 2nd order crossover from the AR14, but slightly modified....instead of the Switched RL contour used in the AR14 I used the 12 ohm ( yes in my case it was 12 ohm) rheostat with the 2mfd capacitor contour as a level control in place of the 2 ohm resistor in the AR14 tweeter crossover.....with the rheostat at 6 ohms the Dayton’s DC28 tweeter sounds balanced with the original AR2 woofer.....all in all the new system sounds really really good😀
  2. KenB

    AR2 Tweeter

    Hi folks....my AR 2 project is complete...I used Dayton DC 28 soft dome tweeters from Parts Express. I did not modify the crossover but reversed the polarity on the tweeters after listening to them. The tweeters are mounted on a 1/2 plywood panel that fits the opening where the original tweeter/midrange sat and I kept the originals for posterity. The original pots were good (12 ohms btw) and I used the goo from the guy on eBay to refresh the cloth surrounds. The speakers sound terrific and can be put back in original condition if ever I want to😎
  3. KenB

    AR2 Tweeter

    I would like to place them vertically rather than horizontal and I understand that horizontal dispersion is limited in this position. I am thinking that I could configure this as an AR2X....AR had sold a kit to actually do this conversion. However I am thinking that a modern tweeter such as the PE PRT tweeter would fill that task. The open question that I have is the impedance of the existing tweeter/midrange arrangement. I guess when all is said and done I would like to have a 10 inch version of the venerable AR4X?
  4. Hi....I am new....I recently resurrected a pair of AR2’s that had been sitting idle on a basement for more than 20 years. They look to be ‘original’. One unit only has 3 sides finished. They have the dual angled tweeters and based on what I have read they should be positioned on a bookshelf (on their side). I removed the woofer and the units have the old military oil filled capacitors and the rheostats were undamaged (but needed cleaning). I reassembled the units and they really sound lovely. However, I would like to replace the tweeters....which would be doable without changing the historical character by removing the existing tweeter basket and replacing it with a ‘baffle’ carrying the ‘modern’ tweeter and not touching the crossover. Sooooo does anyone know what the combined impedance of the existing double tweeter is? Also, what would be a good replacement.....I was thinking of either the PRT or the Dayton DCF28-8 if the impedance is 8 ohms. Thanks KenB
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