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  1. Yes the 7 inch Phillips has both a rubber surround and a whizzer cone. The original woofers were replaced and apparently tossed away back when replacement surrounds were hard to come by. I have a eye out for originals. Seems the originals for the IIIs come up more often, which have cloth surrounds.
  2. Here are a few more of the speakers
  3. Here are a couple of pictures, one of the crossover after re-caping and one of the Pollak Pots. The Caps are in the same physical location as the originals and everything else is as found and original except for the cleaning of the Pots. The value of the Caps are 70uf, 10uf and 1.5uf and physically follow the values in size 70uf = largest Cap in the picture.
  4. I was lucky to find a pair of these a couple of months ago on CL. The original owner was happy that I new what they were and that I was going to give them a good home. They are very solid with good quality walnut veneer. The original woofers were replaced and long gone, but the rest of the drivers are intact and working. I re-caped the crossovers and have been listening to them for a few days. I am impressed with there sound, clear, articulate HF ( always liked the phillips tweeters ) and nice MF with plenty of bass. Going to work on the cosmetics a bit and have to make one grill. I would highly recommend grabbing a pair of these if they come up in your area at a reasonable price. I can try to post pictures if there is any interest.
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