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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback thus far. I did buy the Simply Speakers kit already, but I'll look into other adhesives. Any other suggestions would be very helpful! Looking forward to fixing these up.
  2. Hi folks, Bought a pair of Advent 1 speakers from a thrift store little while ago for $12. The imgur album below shows just one of the speakers (the one that needs more work done). https://imgur.com/a/yTQAc1A After the photos were taken, I ended up swapping out the large woofer with one I bought on eBay for $30. Besides refoaming them (I'll be buying the kit from Simply Speakers - FSK-10A), is there anything else I should look into replacing in these while fixing them up? Any suggestions on how to clean and possibly remove the cloth grill stains? I'm new to dealing with audio equipment repairs, so any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
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