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  1. Hi. I please submit this honourable forum my all-yellow-caps refurbished thing. Just the original DQ-10 xover. No additional board. Almost plug&play. Comments are welcome. Cheers. Alberto
  2. Hi. I think grilles are not the original ones. The originals were made of brown foam only (no frame). Foam was shaped (internally) with the footprint of the speakers. I paired them with a couple of DQ-10 by Dahlquist, xover set at 100 Hz. See pic. I love them. Hope you saved the MGs. Cheers. Alberto
  3. Hi. I please submit my solution. A couple of DQ-10 + a couple Cizek MG-27. Acoustic decoupling via a Chinese shower bubble carpet. Active Crossover CABRE AS-45: frequency 100 Hz. DQ-10 amp: Acoustat Twin200. MG-27 amp: SAE2600. No regret. Just listening pleasure. System performance acoustically improves with more than 10WRMS applied. Cheers! Alberto
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