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  1. GregListener

    Why so rare?

    Yes. the big wooden cabinet below the TV is the passive sub woofer. It purports to go down to 17 Hz. The Cizek Sub did get fixed. I do not have a photo. I was the bidder on it on behalf of another party. The deal was that I kept the KA 1's and the other buyer got the sub. When it arrived, the magnets had been dislodged an the external cross over needed work.
  2. GregListener

    Why so rare?

    Hi Kent - Yes, I am in US and yes, the shipping was costly. Not only that but the subwoofer unit was damaged in transit and required significant repair. The woofer you see in the photo is an RH Labs passive subwoofer with a 15" down facing driver. It is massively heavy and works fantastically. RH Labs was a California company and I understand was a pioneer in the world of consumer subwoofers.
  3. GregListener

    Why so rare?

    Hi All: I just ran into this conversation. Great to hear people talking about Cizek speakers. They are fantastic! I'm the proud owner of two sets of Koa KA 1 speakers. One with matching Koa stands. I also have a pair of Model 3's. I love these speakers. The KA 1's are the best speakers that I have ever heard. I was the buyer of the Italian Ebay set of KA 1's that included the dual sub woofer. The sub was for a friend who had been searching forever to find a match for his KA 1's. I heard the set up many times and it was incredible.
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