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  1. What "parts" are you thinking of having shipped? This is a 25 lb speaker and I suspect that the woofer's magnet is heavy. It could probably fit in a large flat rate box with crossover and tweeters. If so shipping is about $25. I'm not interested in a trade, and slightly worried about dissecting the speaker organs without harming them. Could we go $75 including shipping provided the flat rate box works?
  2. How I wish I had found two of these, but I picked it up anyway thinking someone else might have a mate or need parts for this rare collectable speaker. So there's just the one but it is in very nice overall condition. The veneer has a chip in front top left facing. Something created multiple tiny holes across top edge of right side panel, but nice overall condition. The drivers all appear to be intact and the speaker sounds great. The grill is in particularly nice condition and has a burgundy color. It was nailed on - so I've removed nails and replaced with velcro. I don't hear any alteration in tone from either of the rear panel controls but again speaker sounds great as is. At 25 pounds plus packing materials shipping won't be cheap. I'm in Atlanta area if you can pick up OR parts can be shipped for a lot less to salvage another speaker. Price negotiable but $50 is a decent starting point for discussion. Thanks, Andy
  3. Appreciate the information. Just auditioned the speaker and it sounds so nice I'm half tempted to use it as a mismatch with the Optimus-21 I tested it with. I'm unsophisticated (read ignorant) on these matters so I paid no mind to the 4 ohm biz just hooked up to Harman Kardon HK 3390 and let them play. But I have both of the Optimus, so I will list that pair and the Rect mini on for sale site with photos as you suggested. Appreciate your help, Andy
  4. Nice wood veneers in good condition. Speakers sound very nice. Grill frames in excellent condition but fabric less so. Some pilling, few tiny holes, needs cleaning). Atlanta area.
  5. Rect iii mini (just one) available for parts or intact if you cover shipping.
  6. I have ONE Rect iii mini in nice condition. Available for quite reasonable price if you pay shipping or I could even part out drivers, crossover, or grill, to help save another speaker. BASED ON THE ADVICE OF A MEMBER I'VE ADDED DETAILS AND PHOTOS AND MOVED OFFER TO FOR SALE/WANTED FORUM.
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