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  1. Love the bass so much that’s why I’m trying to make them sing again. Four midrange drivers play music clearly through an amp. I opened the pots and there were small tiny broken pieces of ceramic inner wall scattered inside the spring (forgot to take pics). I will order the caps, Royc’s goo...etc. Can the Ar-2 Aetna-Pollock pots be replaced with Ar-4x pots or with the 8ohm 15w L-pads? Where I can find 15 ohm L-pads? What adhesive can I use to glue the woofer surround to the upper basket metal frame?
  2. Hi Kent, Originally, There is no sound through the midrange drivers. But when I hooked them for testing to ar4x, I heard something. Might be the pot? I plan to replace the pots and caps if necessary. Thanks for your help and suggestions. Bumba
  3. I had my AR-2 crossover with capacitors as shown in the pictures below. What would it be the correct cap values for replacement? 2uF & 6uF as in the schematic?
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