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  1. Yes they are DQ-10's, but not NHT..Paradigm Monitor 7's
  2. I left them as they were. I'm ok with the contrast of the lighter stands and the darker cabs, plus they match the log wall as well. They sound great at ear level. Using them as my zone 2 speakers. Going to look into those surrounds though..since you pointed it out, it's been bugging me. You think that extra glue that squeezed out is having any effect on sound quality? Thanks
  3. Thanks, I'll check that.. Got some stands done up, I think they'll work nicely..
  4. Glenn, Mind if I ask what you saw that makes you think that? I know you have tons of experience with these speakers...Thanks. Also, I did find the culprit I believe..not the speakers at all. In a way, Roy was right. It was in the electronics. Not the amp, but the DAC. I use a NAD DAC2, and usually have the laptop in the audio room, but when I brought these home, my wife was using it in another room, I was eager to listen, so I just hooked them up and let it go from there. As far as I can tell, the signal must have been spotty causing the static..Several hours yesterday with various sources, and all is well. Clean, clear and sweet. Now for some stands... Thanks
  5. Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I'm new here, from Eastern Canada..picked up a pair of AR LST-2's tonight..other than the grill cloth, they appear to all original?, all drivers working..cabinets are nice, but there is some slight "crackling" every once in awhile..not much, and not often..maybe 2-3 times in an hour..I see there are a few AR aficionados that might chime in with opinions/advice...Thanks
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