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  1. Hi, I worked at a store called the Sound Emporium in Lubbock, TX, from 1976 to 1978. We sold Norman Labs speakers. I sold a TON of Norman 8's, a fabulous little speaker, and quite a few 10's. There was also a 9 and 7, also quite good. I liked all the Norman speakers. I met Leonard Bernstein on one of his trips to Lubbock - don't recall if I met you, Jim, but perhaps. i remember your name and knew you had worked at Altec before. Sad to see them go. The Philips tweeter, used in all the Norman's I believe, was really sweet. I remember people coming in and comparing the 8 to the Large Advent fairly frequently. Same size woofer, but the tweeter was an improvement, to my ears, to the fried egg Advent. Long time ago. Good memories.
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