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  1. MST Mk II (three tweeters) Woofers DCR: 4.5 & 4.5 Tweeters DCR: 8.8, 9.4, 9.8. 9.9 10.0, 10.1 I replaced the two front tweeters capacitors out of specs, but the voicing has changed for the worse. As the knowledgeable members of this distinct group say, a precise value in μF is not necessarily going to make your day. I replaced them again with a cheap alternative I had on hand and now I'm much more satisfied. I keep comparing them with AR 6 (reference) and AR 7. I still get a bit too much of shrill hi-mid (the low-frequencies are gorgeous). The 3-way switch is on Normal. Should I settle down with this result? Pic: yellow no good, white ok
  2. Giorgio, I understand your wariness in using generic 8-inch replacement. I did, and I do, regularly re-foaming; 8-inchers the most frequent of them all. Having explored the replacement surrounds market for a while I got use to some flexibility. The inner circumference of the surround has become the least of my worries. As far as it sits well inside the rim of the cone, it's all good. Far more important is to get the proper width of the bump. Commercial spares are usually too narrow in order to service well AR and Bose that used wider "hinges". The times that i decided to be fastidious I had to resort to the US market (I'm located in Australia). According to memory, I couldn't find the correct size at Vintage AR, I had to go through a search on eBay and, eventually, I found a trader with the correct foams. They didn't come cheap. Ebayers, usually, list their surrounds with the four diameter lenghts necessary to identify the ones you need. Good luck with your quest Alberto (alberto_baldin@hotmail.com)
  3. Hi everybody, the AR8 is a model that sounds very so-soish. It employs components widely tested and used in other models, therefore it cannot be really bad. I own 2, 2ax MkI, 2ax MkII, 3a, 4x, 4ax, 5, 6 (two pairs AlNiCo & Ceramic woofers), 7, 8, 11, 14, 16, 17, 18b, 18s, MST, Rock Partner. What's wrong with the 8's? The x-over frequency is the same as the 6's, the tweeter too. In some 6's the woofer response is cut by the .88 Mh inductance. In the 8's is left to run free until it mechanically rolls off. There you are. I placed a 1.0 Mh inductance in series to the negative of the woofer and voilà, I was back in AR realm. I suspect they stated the 8's are good for rock because they made more noise than the other models. Rightly so. The 10 inchers, left without restraint in this two way configuration, makes a lot of noise, unpleasant noise. Now, after the small tweaking, I have a kind of oversized 6's, though the balance woofer/tweeter of the 6's with the 8 inchers is superior...bur not by much.
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