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  1. Thank you Sir, I understand now.
  2. Thank you DavidR. I understand that selecting -3 or -6 would use the Crossover. Does selecting 0 use the Crossover?
  3. Thanks for the Reply DavidR. So if 0db is selected then it is the same as 'turning the Crossover Off' - therefore they are not being used and if always kept in this position there would be no need to have the Crossover serviced - Correct?
  4. Hi All! Finally got up to see Bill Legall and everyone is correct - he is a really Great Guy and very knowledgeable with a national following as confirmed by his testimonial letters of Outstanding work. I asked him about the Crosovers and it is his opinion that they don't get heat, so there is no real reason to rework them. Question to you guys - is the '0' position on the Crossover Selection a position that essentially turns 'Off' the Crossovers. Therefore no current will be directed through them? If this is not the case, then I will have to have them serviced. I am good with plumbing copper pipes and blow torch, but a soldering iron would be too steep of a learning curve at this point in my life. I will post a photo of the Crossover after I replace the Woofers. Anyway, below is a photo of the 'After' Woofers on which Bill worked his magic. Also attached is a photo of the back side of the Tweeter. Bill said that is a normal condition, and "no problem." Thanks to ra.ra for bringing that possibility to my attention. I have also decided to keep the OEM binding posts. Thanks to all for your continued interest and replies. ARs-2.pdf Tweet-1a.pdf
  5. Thank you Kent & to ra.ra. I would interpret the Note according to the first sentence but will confirm with Millersound.
  6. Hi All! A quick update - today I purchased a 1-owner Marantz 2325 that is just beautiful - with Case! ?, and I plan to have it fully restored before even plugging it in, just to be sure it will deliver as it should. I also spoke to Mr. LeGall at Millersound and he said the re-foam he could do on a Saturday if I wanted to drop by, which I plan to do very soon - after making an appointment of course!. I also asked about redoing the Crossovers and he said they don't go bad on those speakers. I am not trying to create a firestorm but I also do not like to ignore a professional's advice. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that 40-year old electronics do 'age' and I would have them done. Is it difficult to remove them from the enclosure? I'll post photos of things when I get further along and have something to 'show.' Thanks again for all the interest and great responses.
  7. Thank you for reading and for the helpful suggestions and Links to articles/restoration threads. I appreciate very much the genuine interest and willingness to share thoughts/ experiences. Based on everything I have learned since posting my request, I believe I will be getting the woofers re-done by Bill and also seek his availability to investigate the other components for proper operation. These are 4-digit SN speakers that started life in New Orleans from 1981 - 1987, then to SE PA till 2006 then in POD Storage till 2018, I don't think they were played any from 1999 onward, they just sat. I don't have an AMP and take to heart that 'bigger-is-best' is the way to go - any suggestions here? I would like to get a marantz with gyro tuning from the 1971 - 1976 era if they have enough wattage. I will post the final outcome. Many thanks to ALL.
  8. Thanks to All for you considered Input and suggestions.The Foam surrounds for the Tweeters and Kids 'Fell-Out' and are dry rotted/ falling apart. I finally (after 5 hrs.) got the photos off my Phone and into my computer. This is only one of them , but they both look like this. Thanks again for looking. AR-91_1_-_Copy.doc
  9. ar & arken, Thank you for your Replies. I need to do some chores before taking photos late today and will Post them when they are ready. Thanks for the the good info.
  10. Thanks for Reply IAR. Is the "here" a Link" ?
  11. Hi All! I am a 'NEWB' and not a sophisticated listener. I inherited my Dad's pair of AR-91 Speakers that were 1-owner, bought New in 1981. The Enclosures/Cabinets are pristine, they just need Woofers re-foamed and to be professionally gone-through. I am planning to take them to Miller's Audio in PA. I have been googling but am unable to find any For Sale - are they not worth having or are they just not popular? Thank you for reading.
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