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  1. Ace218

    KLH 17 info

    It sounds and feels like a painted metal plate. Mine also do not have any model writing on the speaker that is why I am wondering if these are actually later models. These where refinished and re capped and the speakers re coated .
  2. Ace218

    KLH 17 info

    Thanks, Yes the capacitors have already been done. I was kind of wondering about the serial number. I see some like this with an "AS" in front of the model and serial number and some with just the model then serial number. Is their a difference?
  3. Ace218

    KLH 17 info

    Brand new to KLH and this forum so please excuse my ignorance. I recently bought a set of 17's and looking for some info The serial numbers are As 17 50229 and 50230. Would anyone know the year they where made and any other info would be greatly appreciated
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