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    ADS speaker info

    Oops, I mistakenly talked about "ferro-fluid" when I actually was talking about the damping compound used to dampen the speaker. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. sid42

    ADS speaker info

    Hi to all of you ADS speaker lovers! I've been reading your comments on various topics about the speakers over the years. Thought I might give you all some of my insights. 1. I have owned many of ADS speakers, starting in the 70's and currently own the 1590-2, 1290-2, L400w with metal grilles. One of my fav's was the 1530, but due to room sizes, sold them to my sister. 2. I have experimented with biamping the 1590's, using the ADS C2000 x-over as well as the PA-1's. I contacted ADS back in the day to find out how to modify the C2000 to work with the 1590's, and there were two resiste
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