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    ADS L730 Mods

    Saw this topic and wanted to ask a question. I have a pair of ADS L730s and have always been curious if the mid-range driver from the ADS L810 would be compatible with the L730s. It looks as though the face plate would fit right into the opening of the L730s, the only difference being that the L810 has the larger dome midrange. I think the L880 also has the same midrange driver as the L810. Essentially if the L810 midrange is compatible with the L730, it would be kind of like turning my L730s into L880s.
  2. Yes Ohm does call their drivers a high tweeter and a low tweeter. So perhaps you are right and that mid that is in his C2s does the equal job of the original Ohm low tweeter. I'd like to see what Ohm's low tweeter looks like without the protective grill. I have a blown one here that came out of my C2, maybe I could pry the grill off it and take a look.
  3. This is bizarre. My friend has a pair of Ohm C2s that he bought back in college. I believe he graduated in 1981, a couple of years after I did. One of the mid-ranges on his C2s went bad. He brought to someplace in Providence, RI to have it replaced. Well we just pulled out his C2s about a month ago and the mid-range that was put in was not an original Ohm mid, but it looks EXACTLY like that phenolic tweeter. I did some research on this thing online and a place called Simply Speakers still carries these for about 25.00. But what the hell is it doing in my buddy's Ohm C2 as a replacem
  4. Working on a pair of L810s, one speaker needs all the drivers replaced. Found all the replacement drivers from Ebay. The woofers came out easily. But I have no idea how to get the mid-range driver out of the cabinet. There are 4 screws around the perimeter of the faceplate and 4 screws right around the dome. It seems those 4 inner screws around the dome are the screws that hold the magnet in place. So I would think removing the 4 screws around the perimeter would allow for the faceplate to come off with the dome and magnet intact. But the faceplate does not want to budge. I don't want
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