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  1. Report post Posted July 11 "these are very nice vintage speakers. mine have 9/79 and 2/80 date codes. i had an issue with the tweeters in the late 80s or 90s and brought them to Glastonbury ct to the factory for repair. They were really great and replaced drivers and tested everything. i believe this was actually the NEAR factory after Bozak sold to them. these sound great- no sub needed like the small speakers nowadays. after firing them up and cranking Steely Dan- i now realized how kind my parents were back then. Im shaking the pictures on the walls here!" Do you have yours off the floor or on flat? I find they are less Bassy off the floor about !0" or more and are more precise. They DO have a heavy side to them when pushed and I really like the more precise Bass over the boomy stuff. I did replace my tweeters with some silk domes that are more efficient than the originals and all of the specs in the crossover are within original. Whoever had these before really took care of them. I thought about selling them at one point.......then after I fired up the old Victrola, it wasn't even considered an option. They aren't the best sounding I've owned, but they are a pair of work horses that will hold thier own with anything in the price ranges today, IMHO. The only floorstanders this size that I would even consider replacing these would be my former Heresey's.
  2. Hey.....I know it's been awhile, LOL! I have these same ones only the tweeter control is available on mine.....only difference I see from your pics! These, when placed well are really nice for Listening to what I listen to........which is Blues mainly and they shine with a good EQ because of my room dimensions aren't ideal. If you still have these I would like to know what you think of them if you have done anything such as placements or ? I have mine, currently, connected to a Denon PMA-550 and they have excellent Bass, mids and highs for my tastes. Better than my old BA T-960's. BTW: I run my amp with NO Tone controls (tone defeat) and my EQ at just barely above the "0" (midway) points and get the best out of these. I have heard the older "B series" but never owned any so I have no idea what to compare these to when it comes to Bozak history. I'm happy with these and because I'm not into anything more than 4 speaker amps......these and my BA's are mostly all I need for music. Let me know if I can answer any specific questions.
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