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  1. Well Guys its all done, Boy do these sing, I have a pair of Focal 1028 Be, floor stander speakers, MSRP of $7000.00,, These are very close, I want to thank you all for the help, it was not that hard, and it was my 1st time doing this !!, Thanks Again ,Lloyd AADCD038-EC44-401F-90D8-6A010EA3B99A.heic 06A0D7AA-BCB8-4F58-B48B-E8DDB6D597E4.heic EB893C81-1D22-4F24-B89A-A11728755C99.heic
  2. thanks David ,I just got the new caps will try one this weekend ,yes i will TAKE MY TIME , thanks for all the tips, for the 10,20,40 caps i got Film caps & they are larger than the old ones, so this should fun getting them all in, Thanks Again ,Lloyd
  3. hi guys i just ordered all the caps & resistors, let the fun begin, this will be my 1st time doing this, if i need help will reach out, will be following Davids Pic, Thanks Again, Lloyd
  4. Great that helps, the resistors that are there ,any good or replace also? thanks again for the help ,without it would not even try this, I have no testing equipment, if I am just replacing the caps do I need any test equipment, tnaks , Lloyd
  5. wow lots of info, are the cap all 250V , and I can Put 2,-1000 uf and-1-500uf Bennics together to make the 2500 uf cap? , Well this does'nt look to hard, LOL Thank you guys, I Guess there is no place that sells those 100uf & 2500uf in the aluminum cans that would be much easier. Thanks again, Lloyd
  6. oh by the way all the drivers work right now. thanks again
  7. Hi People , I just picked the speakers up AR 10Pi i would like to recap these with new ones like original if possible, I THINK i can replace them if i knew where to get new ones if they can be just swapped out & i new which ones are the caps , Need help on the ones to replace & where to get them, I have been looking for a crossover schematic but the one i found show only 3 capacitors 2500 uf , 20uf ,100,uf, Any help would be greatly appreciated,I live SW Fl thanks < LLoyd 63BB188C-0E99-4958-8F0A-E6C0BED95A21.heic 351489E9-D0EC-4731-A0F5-F39A4900AD4D.heic 082621AE-BE05-4661-9A5B-0120A9CA2FD1.heic 67BFB37E-877A-4F36-8B0C-AE83F20D5BFD.heic
  8. Hi I have a pair of AR 10 Pi that i would like to have new caps ,but dont know how to do it . is there anyone tha does this ,that i could send them to at a fair price, Thanks in advance, Lloyd
  9. AR 90 crossovers is there anyone out there who I could send my crossovers to check and recap . I don’t think I can do it myself Thanks Bestbaker
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