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  1. Long-time BA fan. Long story short though... I'm currently using M series speakers in my home theater and wanted a second MSub, but have had zero luck finding one. Finally found a pallet of various BA speakers (mostly M Series) for sale in a warehouse and figured this was my only chance. It's all brand NEW. So, I'm keeping the subwoofer and selling the rest. It's all brand new, in boxes, just arrived on a pallet at my house yesterday. Any fans of the newer M / A Series? If you've been trying to find any of them with no luck, feel free to shoot me an email. I'd like to sell them locally in the Minneapolis area since I'm not too experienced shipping large items, but they ARE still in their original boxes, etc. M350 - $800 for the pair MCenter $300 MSurround - $200 each (I have 3) HSI 455 (In-wall 2 way) $200 for the pair A250 - $200 each or Pair for $350 (I have 3) ASW650 Sub $350
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