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  1. It was great meeting John and his friend today. I'm very pleased to see them go to home with a true enthusiast who will appreciate and restore these wonderful AR9s. It's odd to see them missing from my living room after many decades, but I could no longer use them due to tinnitus and I know John will truly love them. Michael
  2. I bought a pair AR9s new when I worked at Teledyne MEC in 1980. I really enjoyed listening to them over the past several decades but, unfortunately for me, I've developed severe tinnitus from years of motorcycling and various acoustic traumas and I can no longer listen to music (or ride). It is quite heartbreaking. So these awesome speakers have sat unused for the past 4 years and I know I need to part with them, I'm just unsure how to go about it and I thought this forum would be the best place to start. I don't know how to determine their worth. Although I can't hear it do to high-frequency hearing loss, my wife belives one of the speakers has developed a high-frequency hiss. Let me know if you guys need more info. I appreciate your help. I'm in the SF bay area.
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