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  1. I have a pair of DQ-28 I picked up second hand. They sound great but one of the tweeters has been replaced and although it sounds great it is not round like the original so does not fit as it should. I have been looking for a replacement but there is not a lot of info on these speakers. I heard some of the use Vifa drivers but don't see any model numbers or impedance. The DQ-30 looks the same. I did find these but not knowing the specs I don't know if they would be a good fit. VIFA D25AG-35-06
  2. I saw a pair of speakers for sale that are interesting but a google search comes up with nothing. The label by the terminals say The Westminster and below it says Cathedral Sound Systems by Sterling. I did find a picture on the internet but it is an Asian website that I can't read. Anybody know anything about these speakers?
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