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  1. Something went sideways. They've been relisted. I now see mention that there is a crack in the bottom of one of the speakers. I don't recall that disclosure on the earlier listing.
  2. I picked up a pair of Ohm Walsh 4XO's off of Craigslist this evening. I know this is the Allison forum, so let me make the post topical. I've seen a number of you mention that your Allisons have made the migration into your home theater setups. How has that worked? Is there some special magic to making them sound wonderful after YPAO, MCAC, Audessy or Dirac is finished doing their magic? Are you using them in a 5.1 setup? Are you dropping the subs and center channels? I'm asking because when I had first tried hooking the CD-7's to my Pioneer Elite (not rated for 4 ohms, by the w
  3. I hope he did. I stopped bidding at $40, before I informed the group; because, with shipping, I thought they would be bid up too far. They went for ~$60. austingonzo
  4. A month later: the Pioneer arrived, it was filthy on the inside and had no audio output. A can of Deoxit cleaned the boards. A trip to a tech revealed it was missing jumpers. In short, feeding the CD-7s more power did help them open up. Just as important, though, the receiver has loudness controls for lower volume output. I'm still keeping an eye out for better speakers, but I do enjoy the CD-7s. austingonzo
  5. Another set. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/72283175 austingonzo
  6. Glad it all worked out. Now I need to find another road trip to burn off some vacation. Does anyone have any free Ones sitting around gathering moss. ;-) Please post updates and pics as you get them situated @AR_First. austingonzo
  7. @Long Live Roy My offer was a last resort effort to ensure they went to someone who would appreciate them. I release my "squatter's rights" in favor of your getting them out of your mom's house asap. I am happy to go to the end of the line. Thanks for your consideration.
  8. Not at all. Based upon the few hundred posts I read, your response was factual and tactfully put.
  9. As befits a newbie, I underappreciated how thorny a simple question like the one I raised would be. I recently joined the Yahoo! group as well, which means there are years of conversations about these topics that I did not see or participate in at the time they were topical. I appreciate the response, @CAllyn. After reading a bunch of group postings about KY, I think the proper position for me to take is to not look a gift horse in the mouth. ;-)
  10. Was browsing the forum and I think I found an earlier reference to this device and ephemera. Mention made of seeing at a flea market and picture in this thread.
  11. @rnathans00, are the latter-day KY Threes considered in any way inferior to the original production run? For instance, were lower quality drivers employed with them?
  12. I understand. I'll see if my wife commits me for being certifiable. If she doesn't, I'll start thinking about a road trip in late July. As it relates to the 3s, I don't know that I'd have much use for extra cabinets. I'm not that kind of audiophile. :-)
  13. Yeah, I've been known to spend more than prudent when I'm determined to get something I really want; but that strikes me as more than a bit pricey as well.
  14. Just FYI. I have no connection with the listing. I happened to be checking EB for "Allison Acoustics" out of boredom yesterday and saw this. There is a listing for this, along with shipping materials and signed RA ephemera. Seller is in MA. I have no frame of reference for price of the item. I won't post the direct link out of consideration for expiring links and cluttering the forum. austingonzo
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