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  1. It has been speculated that ACI designer Mike Dzerco took cues from Allison and other New Englanders. I have two 10" woofers from the flagship model G3. Both are OEM but different revs. circa 1992 and 2006. They are 6 ohm with poly cones. They produced lean detailed bass in large aperiodic cabinets. I have not experimented with other alignments. Total long shot but I would love to get one or two Allison 4 ohm mids in return but I would give them away.

  2. Hi Chris, I’m not sure if you’re still looking for these. I have some old prod 8” woofers from model IC-10, very similar cabinet size to model 1. If you really want the old prod sound you could possibly make adapter plates for your 10” cut-outs. I would trade three 8” for your two new prod 10”. Just thought I’d throw it out there in case you want to get creative. ?

  3. I have the older production Allison drivers listed below. All the drivers have been verified with ohm check and with music earlier this year. I would like to see them be used but would also like to still have a couple spares for my newer production Allisons. I wonder if anyone is in the opposite situation. (?)  I would love to horse-trade for newer production (2000+) 3 ohm parts in any quantity. Let me know what you need and what you may have to trade. Any quantities and combinations will be considered. J I am happy to e-mail more pics. As others, I struggle to upload to this site.

    What I have, Older production:

    3- Tweeters 3 ohm. All have 1991 date stamps.

    3- Midranges 3 ohm

    3- 8” Woofers 3 ohm. Two appear to have been re-foamed at some point, they’re in decent shape. The third needs new foam.


    What I would like, Newer production:

    Tweeters 3 ohm

    Midranges 3 ohm

    10” Woofers 3 ohm


    old prod drivers1.JPG

  4. 23 hours ago, austingonzo said:

    As befits a newbie, I underappreciated how thorny a simple question like the one I raised would be.  I recently joined the Yahoo! group as well, which means there are years of conversations about these topics that I did not see or participate in at the time they were topical.  I appreciate the response, @CAllyn.  After reading a bunch of group postings about KY, I think the proper position for me to take is to not look a gift horse in the mouth.  ?

    Sorry, didn’t mean to ramble.  Of course there’s a chance there’s nothing wrong with them and you can enjoy them as they are like a normal person would. ? @Long Live Roy is making a wonderful gesture. 

  5. Austinginzo

    So I’m the lucky duck who snagged the model 1s from Jeff. I have direct experience with both the older Allison products and now this new version. IMO the new mids and tweets  are superior in resolution and accuracy while still maintaining the pleasant New England sound. The model 1s from Jeff had some incorrect wiring which I was able to correct by referencing older designs. This brings me to the woofers. Original model ones had them wired in phase with each other. When I wired the new model ones this way they were extremely bass heavy. some Allison speakers the woofers are wired push-pull. Wired this way the bass is  very articulate if a touch thin. I will likely add a sub. Perhaps the single woofer model 3 will be just right? 

    Crossover caps were indeed electrolytic. I upgraded to mylar and the difference is significant. 

    If you have the aptitude to dig into some minor problems and do a cap swap I think the 3s may have strong potential. 

  6. AR8B cabinets and tweeters. Tweeter cones have a thin black coating which may not be original. (?) Grills need new cloth. Cabinets have some bumps and bruises. Have better pics of tweeters. Cabinets-FREE. Tweeters - Free  Cab be picked up in SW MSP metro or will mail tweeters if recipient pays postage.


  7. Just restored. 1968 and 1969 date stamps inside. These were used as studio monitors in a radio station until the late 1990s then stored until now . They have slightly different woofers but I believe both are OEM, just different revs. Tweeter pot replaced with fixed resistors to simulate normal to slight increase setting. New poly/metal caps, woofer surrounds re-doped, polyester fill. Cabinets have 4 fresh coats of oil, moderate scratches and discoloration. Original labels and inspection tags on backs. Can send more pics , having trouble uploading. Reduced to $175. Reasonable offers will be considered.


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