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  1. This is just an update. I happen to have some JBL 208H drivers around. These are US-made, 8ohm (measured 7ohm) drivers that were widely used in JBL's speakers in the early 90's -- P50, G500, XE series, etc. Since the fit is perfect, I decided to try them in my AR15. The result was phenomenal, compared to the Bose 8 inchers (which they themselves were not bad at all) -- the sound is coherent, with the right kind of layers/details. I did not sense anything abnormal with respect to frequency transition and sensitivity. I obviously do not know how the original drivers sound, but these 208H are cheap and widely available. I recommend trying them as an alternative.
  2. Does anyone has a schematic for AR15's crossover?
  3. In AR15, the values of the caps are 20uf and 16uf, right? Just wanted to confirm. Also, is there a schematic for the crossover? I am wondering if any of the caps are in series with the driver(s). If they are just in parallel, I may spend less and just buy electrolytic replacements. Have you compared AR25 with AR15?
  4. If you guys don't mind, let me throw in two I found online that are supposedly good, new replacement for AR15. Any thoughts? https://www.simplyspeakers.com/advent-acoustic-research-replacement-woofer-1210132.html https://reconingspeakers.com/product/ar-9-9lsi-90-8-midrange-speaker/?show-all-questions=15113
  5. Thanks. This is super helpful. It appears that this may be a good fit, given the Fs, sensitivity, and FR. But its outer diameter is a bit too large. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-rs225-8-8-reference-woofer--295-356
  6. That would be ideal, but my only concern is that I would not know if the woofers had been abused -- i can take care of re-foaming, but things like rubbing/burned voice coil and weakened cone are beyond my ability. I don't plan to re-sell my AR15, but just wanted to extract the most out of the cabinets and original tweeters.
  7. OR, could someone point me to any measurement of 200001 (or similar AR woofers, like 200037)? Thanks!
  8. And how about these? Said to be "AR" woofers good for AR17 (so AR15 should be in the same ballpark). https://www.simplyspeakers.com/advent-acoustic-research-replacement-woofer-1210132.html
  9. I noticed that the Scanspeak woofer is 4 ohm, whereas the original should be 8. Is that right? Did you change the crossover to accommodate the Scanspeak? Thanks again.
  10. Ah, the venerable former Vifa woofers. What's your impression of the Scanspeak vs. the original?
  11. I just inherited a mint pair of AR15 with a pair of 8" woofers marked 135372 (sticker in the back) or 111791 (engraved in the back), which were made in 1991 (per the sticker) and supposedly for the old Bose 301. As is, the sound of the AR15 is already superb. Interestingly, the "Bose" woofers were put in place by Alpha Tech in St. Louis as proper replacement at the time (Alpha Tech's sticker is still in the back). The woofers look like made by Tonegen. So I also wonder if Alpha Tech thought the Bose woofers were suitable replacement for 200001. Alternatively, are there modern woofers that are good or better replacement for the 8" woofers for AR15? I am in particular interested in the offerings from Dayton sold at Parts-Express. Finally, AR15 uses a rather complex crossover network. Would the simpler crossover for AR18 work better? I am thinking noting for the woofer (once a proper replacement is found) and just a cap (5-10uf?) for the tweeter.
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